Saturday, August 14, 2010

I think it's clearing

My kitchen has been a busy place today with my three grand-daughters and me preparing our contribution for Georgia's small seventh birthday party tomorrow.  The girls didn't really have much choice, they were housebound anyway.  Yesterday the weather was very wet and windy, today was just very wet.   Perfect weather for baking!  Georgia was very proud of the cup cakes she made and iced.  She said, "Can you take my photo and put me in the paddock."  It was a minute before I realized she wanted to appear here.

There was a little break in the weather and Georgia was quick to suggest a short visit to the waterfalls.  Krystal and Shyade came with us briefly but kicking a ball around is more their style.

This was the first time Georgia has seen froth in the creek and crept closer to touch it. 

But when we ventured down to the middle fall she had to promise me she would hold on the a tree.  I didn't have that little branch in mind either!

I have convinced Georgia that there is a little fairy by the waterfall.  Maybe when she's older I will tell her the fairy looks like this:

Just after Heather picked up the girls I noticed signs that the bad weather is clearing:

However, the Weather Bureau hasn't been looking at what I have and predict lots more "wild weather".  I wonder how I will feel this time tomorrow after the party, especially if we are all locked inside.


  1. What a sweet fairy in your woods.
    No mist or rain here - just lovely summer heat. We're having gorgeous weather, perfect for gardening and swimming - I hope a forest fairy drops by to help!

  2. Aw, they are precious! How sweet that she wanted a picture for this blog! I'm glad you spend such nice times with your grandchildren. It seems you are very close. Plus, those cupcakes look delicious!

  3. A lovely ethereal photo of Georgia. The last photo is very wistful too. A warm and comforting post. Good luck with the weather tomorrow for the party.


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