Friday, August 20, 2010

FSO - What am I?

One of our wonderful administrators for our Friday Shoot Outs, Doreen, has provided us with a few words around this week's topic.  She suggests "mysterious" photos of things that will not be readily recognized.  So jump right in and have a guess at my mysteries.  We will all come back to the same place on Sunday with the whole photo.

It's challenging to have a theme that is different from the usual, it's designed to get us thinking and it sure has done that for me. 

Number 1:

Number 2:

Number 3:

Too easy, I think.  I'm not giving any clues but just bear in mind that I am a rural person (although one of these photos was taken in town).


  1. Scooter front wheel.
    Scrap truck.
    The third has to be a chickens bum.....Shame on you!

  2. Hi Pauline

    I left you a message at my place but have more to add. I love the NZ pics, while I am besotted with Noosa and have loved raising our family here my roots are in NZ.

    Have you ever run across Alden Smith - who was vice head at a little school out from Whangarei? I went to teachers' College with him and have renewed contact through blogging. He is at Stream of Consciousness (see my sidebar)

    Well it is so nice to chat with a 'local' a fellow antipodean... While I am pretty quiet these days on the blog front I shall visit you again.

    Happy days

  3. I'd have gone with Adrian although I'd have said a motorbike. On reflection, though, it could be a scooter.

  4. Pauline, I'm glad I found your blog! It is always a good practice to look at things from another point of view. Cropping is one of my favorite ways to abstract an image. Good work!

  5. Wonderful Pauline. I'll have a guess.
    A motor bike wheel (maybe a Harley), an old rusty truck and of course the rather grand feathers of Cocky's tail!

  6. Pauline,great photo's. How on earth did you get that chook to be still enought to take a close up.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Smashing little blog. Will be back!

  8. Well, that was a grand failure as an exercise. Are my mysteries so un-mysterious or are my followers just smart?

  9. Pauline I came by originally and made a comment - didn't I? had trouble all weekend with my comments being drop.... but said like would never thought a rooster, maybe a big wheel and is that a crane or forkligt on that old truck....I said - Id take that truck photo anyday for my wall. don't be sad.

  10. front wheel or a scooter

    old tracter

    chicken back

  11. Pauline: Your followers are just so smart!


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