Friday, August 13, 2010

FSO - one more for roads and paths

I really intended to work this photo into my FSO post, this week. 

Sometimes in rural areas, if you wander off the beaten track, you come to the point where the roads are no longer maintained by the council and become private roads.  The council stopped maintaining this road so long ago, they haven't been back to put the sign back up.  If I hadn't turned around at this point because the road had become so narrow and the road hardly fit for a regular sedan, I wouldn't have even seen the sign.


  1. I had one I thought about afterwards I need to go back and find your original post.

  2. The sign says it all - perhaps there should be an addendum, as on the old maps "There be dragons"...beyond this point.

  3. Actually as they have stopped maintaining the sign the sign should be before where it is now. Er.. if you see what I mean. Sorry. Being silly.


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