Friday, August 27, 2010

FSO - My Choice

The topic for FSO this week is My Choice, what I'd like to show/others to know about my town. 

I have a new boss at work, a newcomer to the north.  My post today is for her, to help her enjoy the place she has chosen to live.

Hi Carol,

As someone who has moved into a town where you know no-one, I know the first months are difficult, getting to grips with a new job and new staff, making new friends, coming to know your way around - and it can be a bit difficult in the main shopping area with its one way streets. But there are so many pleasures ahead of you, so many lovely places waiting for you to discover them.

I know you're going to love living in Whangarei. All in all, the climate is good with typical summer temperatures ranging from 22 to 26 degrees celsius (71 - 79 Fahrenheit), but seldom exceed 30 (86 F).  Winter daytime temperatures range from 12 to 17 degrees celsius (53 - 62 F), with the occasional early morning frost, although you may not have any where you are living. 2000 hours of sunshine every year. OK, it can rain a lot, the countryside wouldn't be so lush if it didn't! Around 1,500mm (59 inches) a year, although we get more where I live.

To get an overall view of the town, take a drive over the river towards the Heads and you will see a sign on your left to Mt Parakaki. At the top you will get a good view of the town.

There are so many lovely spots along the road out towards the Heads.  I took this one out near the airport - go straight ahead where the road veers right to the airport.

Have you been to Reva's in the Town Basin yet?  There's an award winning restaurant in town but, for me, nothing compares to sitting on the deck at Reva's, with coffee or a pizza (and their soups are marvellous) looking out at the boats from all over the world. 

I suppose you have already found the library!  It's well stocked and the staff are very helpful.  They also have a nice little coffee shop and space to enjoy your coffee and read.

Adjacent to it is the Old Library where there are often art exhibitions. 

Are you joining the rest of our team next week for dinner and to watch our team-mate, Terri, appear in a play at the Octogon Theatre?  I was lucky when I called to take a photo to find a couple there who were happy for me to go and take a photo of the set.  An old house has been remodelled to serve as a theatre.  I love it when good use is found for old buildings.

There's a bit of something for everyone in Whangarei but I do hope you like beaches.   The Whangarei area has 100 bays and beaches, and rarely are any of them crowded. Most of them, most of the time, are pretty well deserted. For me, it's always about the beaches.  

There are wild, rocky beaches:

and long sandy beaches just made for walking:

I could go on and on and over time, no doubt will. 

Just one more thing for today.  I know you like to walk.  There are lots of lovely walks around and one of my favourites is right in town, A H Reed Park. A 5 minute walk from the car park takes you over an elevated walkway where you can look down on a natural, fern edged stream and wander on to touch a giant kauri.  Or you can carry on for a much longer walk.  Sometimes, if I've had to sit a lot at work, I go here for a walk to ease my back before heading home.  Somehow touching that kauri always helps.  Yesterday I was there after rain, the tree was freshly washed and the colours of the bark were glorious.  And I was lucky enough to come upon a pair of young English tourists who agreed to pose for me.

I hope you have many happy hours discovering more about your town.


  1. this is very impressive Pauline! how nice of you to show the newcomer, Carol, around. I am sure with people like you living near by she will be just fine. Beautiful town.

  2. What a wonderful idea to introduce her to your town and give us a great treat too.

  3. I'm sorry, but summers where it ONLY hits 79 degrees?? Sign me up!! We've had highs well over 100 for most of the summer...and while I like a little heat and humidity, this is getting a ridiculous :)

    I'm so jealous of your beaches :) Wonderful post!

  4. Wow! the lake/ mountain and beach photos simply blew me away! such a wonderful place to live in.

  5. Wow you are such a nice person, giving her info on temperatures and things to do. That's very thoughtful, Pauline! Your pictures are always nice.

  6. These are all gorgeous, but those beach photos take my breath away. Beautiful!!

  7. Wow Pauline...stunning shots..and stunning home!! Your lucky new wonderful to see your new place this way!!!

  8. Now that's what a My Town Shootout is all about! Brava!!!

  9. where is she from? South Island?

    You have done Whangerei such a good PR job, that you might be swamped with more people coming to stay. LOL

  10. Sounds and looks great It makes me want to visit

  11. awesome beaches. lots of other interesting places around. beautiful town! :)


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