Sunday, August 22, 2010

FSO - I am ....

I said I'd come back and post the answer to my mysteries.  Turns out they were crap mysteries, so I shouldn't bother really.  I pretty well mucked the whole thing up right from the start.  I forgot to save the originals of the rooster's rear end and the old truck.  Have just been for a walk to get another shot of the old truck but am not keen on going to find the lovely rooster as it is unlikely he will be so co-operative twice, but that's him at the front of the flock photo below. 

And I discover I didn't even link my Friday's post to our group website.   Why not check it out to see what the much brighter sparks than me came up with.


  1. cute Pauline. a chicken butt. lol sometimes it is the thought that counts.

  2. Pauline, don't beat yourself up, I found it fun. Mind you I'm easily amused.

  3. I would have never guest that as the chicken's backside! lol


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