Sunday, August 15, 2010

And the highlight was ....

.... hunting for lizards.  The highlight of Georgia's seventh birthday party, that is.   Three litle boys and three little girls with two sets of eleven year old twin girls organising games for them and the party disintergrates into a lizard hunt.  Talk about best made plans!  

As soon as all the guests had arrived they all wanted to go for a walk to see the ostrich.  But once we got there, Georgia wanted her friends to see the foot bridge, so we traipsed down to the creek crossing.   I stayed on one side and Heather crossed to the other side and back with the kids.  When we were walking back up the hill the little boy in the red jacket told me he was scared of heights.  I think he was very proud of himself for crossing the bridge without anyone suspecting. 

We were lucky with the weather, most of the day it was sunny but every now and then a big black cloud would creep up behind us and the kids would have to scarper back to the house for shelter. 

There were lots of games, lots of noise - seven year old boys are loud creatures, seven year old girls aren't far behind.  But in none of my photos do they look like they are being noisy.  Guess I'm not good at capturing the moment.


My grand-daughters know there are lots of little skinks around here but it was one of the boys who discovered the first one today, I think.  And after that, the only time they all stopped hunting was to cut the birthday cake. 

Could there be any more little fingers trying to catch one tiny little creature:

Neave, the little girl on the right above was heard commenting, "This is the best party ever.  We get to take live lizards home!"  I hope her parents are equally impressed!


  1. Now that's a souvenir of a party!! No wonder that little girl thought it was the best party.

  2. Pauline, that's rubbish!! You are one of the best out there at catching the moment! I'm so glad that the weather held up for you. The photos are splendid and you've certainly got the party spirit. However, I think that my favourite picture is the second one. Not because it portrays the party spirit but because it has some special quality for me that I can't actually define.

  3. Hello Pauline, now that was a real birthday party. Nothing like bringing home a party treat.
    Happy birthday to Georgia.

    Happy Monday


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