Saturday, July 3, 2010

Some left overs

Wandering around town on Thursday with my camera I passed a lovely old house which is the busniness premises of David Reed Homes.  The door knob and knocker caught my eye so I decided to ask could I take some photots.  There was no response to my knock on the door, there was a For Sale sign outside, I looked through the windows, saw nothing, and presumed the company had already re-located elsewhere, so felt free to go ahead. You knpw what they say about people who ass-u-me!

I was down on my knees getting up close and personal with the door knob (maybe I should change the wording of that?) when I heard a man's voice behind me.  I nearly jumped out of my skin and spluttered about how I'd knocked and was going to ask permission.  The man was charming, probably more than a little amused at my embarrassment, said there was no charge on photos of his door.

A little while later, when I stopped to take photos of the trolleys outside the supermarket an entirely different stamp of man asked me what the hell did I think I was doing?  I explained just taking photos of the trollies, I'm mean it was pretty obvious!  He went on his way muttering that there were crazies like me everywhere these days!  Unlike earlier when I had been embarrassed, this time I just thought that was hilarious.

Feeling quite pleased with my life as a "crazy" I headed down to the Town Basin for a cup of coffee.   Dancho, the lovely Bulgarian waiter at Reva's, agreed to pose for a photo back in November when I was collecting photos of faces.  (I still think he has the most fabulous face!)  He always remembers me and when I said I wanted a very "pretty" cup of coffee he seemed to guess why.  I was disappointed with the shot of the coffee but happy with the one I got of the sugar bowl.  Isn't life like that?  You never know what's going to make you happy until you find it.  And, in my case, it's nearly always comes as a surprise.  

The photo may have been disappointing but the coffee wasn't and where better to sit and drink it?

Another shot I got that I liked was this one.  I am so attracted to solid, old rusty things with lots of character.  (No offence intended for any of my friends, by the way!)


  1. Good picture of the door knob. It's not easy taking photos of shiny objects. I like the rusty thing too, though :)

  2. Well, as a solid, rusty old thing with a fair amount of character (at least that's what I choose to call it!) I think we could be friends!

  3. I also find a kind of happiness when out taking photos. good shots all.

  4. You are just so funny! Crazy is a bit strong. In fact I wouldn't even go so far as to say you were eccentric although I'd love someone to think I was and I'd take it as a real compliment.

    It is a great post by the way. You are having a ball at the moment aren't you.

  5. The shot from Reva's takes me back - I used to go there a lot when we lived up there- great Pizza - but it was also where the Rainbow Warrior bombers apparently hung out!

  6. There will always be small minded meanies who think those who appreciate the little things are crazy. I hope he didn't make you feel bad. Yes, it seems it would be obvious what you were doing, so if he didn't notice that or appreciate your interest, then perhaps HE is the one who is crazy!

  7. I agree with you about Reva's, Fi. One of my favourite spots for coffee or a pizza. And you should meet Dancho - he really adds to the charm.

    Don't worry, loveable girl. The guy who thought I was crazy didn't upset me. Quite the opposite really, I was very amused!


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