Sunday, July 25, 2010

No church on Sunday

Until my back improves and I can sit for longer I will be having a bit of a blogging holiday.  So there's no church to visit this Sunday.

Instead I just have a few photos I took Friday afternoon on my way home from work.  Just south of Whangarei is a small picnic area and lookout, with a lovely view down Whangarei Harbour.  Usually I just drive past but on Friday I felt the need to stop and takes a few deep breaths.  I'd been rushing around a bit at work and felt a bit wound up so I pulled over, thinking I'd walk around to ease my back a bit.  But no sooner had I stopped than it started to rain so I just sat in the car.  (It's not the sitting that hurts my back, it's the getting back on to my feet after sitting!)

I hadn't been there long when another car pulled up, a man got out of the passenger seat with a jar in his hand, walked over to the grass and scattered bird feed  around, calling loudly, "Here, chook, chook, chook."  And immediately the hens and roosters that live in the wild around the picnic area, emerged from the bushes. 

He told me he buys a bag of chook meal every week and stops to feed the fowls every time he comes to town.  Because it was raining he didn't linger but I benefitted from his visit.

One cheeky sparrow joined his much bigger cousins but was quickly chased away. 

The rest of his mates sat on a flax bush and looked and waited.


  1. I hope your back feels better soon. I have constant back pain so I know how uncomfortable it is. Beautiful photos by the way!

  2. I'm sorry about your back, Pauline! I'm glad that you have beautiful animals and scenery to help you occupy your time.

    Get well soon!

  3. The sparrows have the same colouring of the flax flower.

    You have a heat bag to soothe your sore back?

    I walked across the new Mangere Bridge. next time you go to Oz or elsewhere, it will be a breeze.

  4. Poor you - a sore back is an awful thing. I hope you get to spend some time on the floor this weekend - it's the only thing that works for me.
    I could just imagine you parking by the harbour to collect yourself at the end of a long day - it's something that I do too. I never leave the institution without skirting the water to see if the mountains are showing themselves - it's a guaranteed blood pressure 'lowerer'.

  5. Wow i love chicken and roosters. They are easily to feed up.

  6. Oh, just look at those lovely birds! You are surrounded by such beautiful sights from nature, Pauline.

    And I do wish you a speedy recovery. There is nothing more agonizing than an ailing back... quite debilitating. Please rest and take your time.


  7. That picture of the birds on the branch is wonderful, it looks like a piece of art.
    Are wild hens and roosters common in NZ? Here they're farm animals.

  8. Hello Pauline,hope the back improves. Gotta love those chickens in NZ,they are everywhere!!!!
    Happy Monday.

  9. Chooks in the wild? Gosh. The last photo broght back my first visit to Northland and the harbour. It seems so long ago.


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