Monday, July 26, 2010

The four girls

Last weekend my older daughter, Leone and her lovely daughter, Jami, visited.  It was to be very much a girls weekend.  We met up with my son, Danny and his wife, Heather early on Saturday morning to watch their twins play soccer.  Krystal and Shayde played very well, holding their own with the rest of the team, all boys.  Shayde has loved playing with balls since she was a tiny tot and has spent probably hundreds of hours with a ball at her feet.  She can kick naturally off either foot, a very handy skill for a soccer player. 

It was a nicer morning than it looks in this photo:

I'm house sitting at the moment and there is a huge lawn.  Danny and Heather headed home after joining Leone and me for a cuppa after the game, leaving the girls here to play.

And play they did.  All day, with only a brief stop for lunch.  The first pizza for lunch disappeared before we even had the second prepared!  Healthy girls with healthy appetites!

Krystal, Jami, Shayde and Georgia

We all went for a walk to visit the resident ostrich.  The girls were sure that was a worm hanging from its mouth but it really was grass.

They were amazed at the number of eggs - and the size of them.  There were probably three times this number:

While Leone and Shayde played even more soccer, the other three made themselves a hut:

They had come to me wanting pantyhose to tie it together but when they found that wasn't going to happen, they went completely natural:

What a thoroughly lovely day it was!


  1. School holidays here now. you must have the patience of a saint. I am going mad with the noise of children....Still only another six weeks to go.

  2. I think I missed something not having girls. They are different and, as close as I am to my boys, I wish I had a grown daughter or a granddaughter to go shopping and have tea with.
    They are beautiful girls. You are very lucky and it seems that you know this.

  3. What beautiful girls!....healthy and happy and, obviously, very ingenious when called upon to find their own resources.

  4. What a joy when they are in such harmony. It looks almost summery as well.


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