Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Paddock Menu - FSO

Where has the week gone?  I haven’t been anywhere near the shops or cafes all week.  How is one to come up with a decent menu?  Let alone the plural menus. 

I did a bit of word research a couple of weeks ago when I first noticed what the topic was this week.  Then, of course, forgot all about it.  

Word History: An enormous menu might be considered an oxymoron if one were to restrict the word etymologically. Menu can be traced back to the Latin word mintus, meaning "small in size, amount, or degree" and also "possessing or involving minute knowledge."
(I love that last bit.  Describes me me perfectly on this topic.) 

So, no oxymorons around here, thank you.  No “thinking man” (thank you for that GB).

As close as I come to a menu at The Paddock is something like this:
my menu

Crackers and muffins are usually on the menu at this time of day but the cracker jar is empty:
cracker jar1

And someone threw out the last muffin:

Never mind, I’m sure the rest of the FSO team will have some wonderful menus to show you!  I look forward to seeing what Sara Williams has come up with.  She chose the topic!  (I wish I could think of some devilish topic suggestion to get you back for this, Sara!!  But a cup of tea is on my menu right now and I’ll feel better after that.)



  1. love the tea cup. i have a collection of English tea cups and pots and some small plates (depression era) was going to invite friends over for a high tea, make scones and jellie - have never done it. still think it a good idea, a Saturday tea, with hats and gloves required...
    I put up your conncetion on MrLinky. hugs from Brasil.
    word verf.... EABLETS - sounds like menu items....

  2. I agree with you Pauline. I have not been any where to see a menu except on my computer. Ah Ha guess I will use that. You did a great job. Thanks for the definition as I was going to look it up. Might make up my own menu. LOL

  3. Thanks, Ginger. I posted it last night but didn't want to be first to link with that poor effort, so thought I'd link later today.

    I appreciate your thoughtfulness in doing it for me!

    I thought of a computer menu, too, Queenmothermamaw, but my imagination failed me. Good luck! I'll check you out later.

  4. Oh I love the post and the photos. I love a good cup of tea too, but for years was considered strange because I chose it over coffee, now it's all the rage!

  5. Love it makes me feel hungry. Happy weekend!


  6. I love that beautiful cup too. Despite loving tea I don't use tea cup, instead I prefer mug. Got different kind of mug to suit different occasions.
    I love your creative take on this week's theme. I too seldom eats out so I don't have many photos on 'menu'.

  7. I love the muffin on the leaves - and the tea cup. Tea and a muffin would be just perfect right about now!

  8. I have only one restaurant menu, but I have one of a difference, the one I made for a charity I supported.

    You made your muffin look so pretty served in lovely green plants.

  9. Little did I know that the lunch, the menu, the tablecloth and a wildflower tour would lead to a post. So glad I Shot the menu as an afterthought! Your quick thinking, Menu definition and tossed muffin sure made this a fun post.

  10. It seems like these Friday shoot-outs roll around faster each week. I think I am a bit short on this topic as well. I haven't posted anything yet. I do have a plan though.

    I love your blue jar and the tea cup. I drink tea all day long every day. I think you did a great post considering you didn't get to any cafes this week.

  11. You made me smile with this post. Great menu presentation. Oh, who threw the last muffin? Van I have it instead? kidding. I love tea.

  12. A beautiful shoot out none the less. I hadn't thought about the word muddled in mine until you mentioned it. It is an interesting use of the word.

  13. Sometimes less is more.

    The photos were beautiful. And the tea looks refreshing.

  14. who threw out the muffin and it is such a cute little muffin! love your posts no matter what you do. have a great weekend!!


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