Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The old Mangawhai

 Mangawhai markets itself as Magical Mangawhai.  It's a fast growing, popular beach holiday destination.  The area has a permanent population of 1800 people but I swear there must be a holiday home for every permanent resident, with still more sub-divisions being developed.

The Smashed Pipi Cafe is a popular spot for my friends and I to meet occasionally for lunch followed by a stroll through the adjacent art gallery, then perhaps a walk along one of the nearby beaches.  On Sunday Chris and I met Twink and Pete there for a celebratory birthday lunch for Twink.  The weather meant a beach walk was off the agenda but we strolled around the corner to the new Bennett's Chocolate Factory.  Their new premises are very impressive and would at home in any city.

But right next door sits a reminder of the old Mangawhai.  I wonder how long before this prime real estate is sold and these buildings knocked down to make way for progress?


 I was amused by the old brick tied to the water pipe to hold it in place:


  1. It's so interesting to see what's 'old time' from one place to another. I've just read a post from England, all about the sale of an old building (medieval!) I think that NZ and BC have more than a little in common, and your old buildings look a lot like ours!

  2. Wrinkly tin holds a great fascination for me and when I'm in NZ I collect pictures for my NZ blog. OK progress dictates that they have to go. In fact nature usually takes care of that anyway. And they can be terrible to work in: hot in summer and bitter in winter. But I still love them.


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