Thursday, June 24, 2010

It’s Wearable Arts night

Come to think of it, the past year has rolled around pretty quickly.  It doesn’t seem like a whole year since my three grand-daughters who live here on the farm decided they all wanted to take part in their school Wearable Arts Competition.  Last year my daughter, daughter-in-law and I got together at my house and decided who would make  for whom and we had a lovely day with the six of us girls making costumes.  This year my wonderful, creative daughter-in-law, Heather, has made all three costumes!  So tonight when I go to the show  I won’t be holding my breath hoping this feather or that leaf doesn’t fall off!

Georgia, the youngest granddaughter, usually comes to my house when she gets off the school bus but this afternoon I knew she would be going straight home to prepare for the big event. 

I was sitting on the deck shortly before the school bus was due playing with a borrowed camera which I am to use at work shortly for an official function.  Georgia’s little dog, Sammy was sitting on the seat beside me, waiting for the school bus.  Smart litttle creature, he knows the best place to wait!

He was completely ignoring me as I got familiar with the camera and its zoom function.  I liked what it did with the few flowers in the garden at the moment:


And how it captured the cows in a paddock off at a distance.  The light rain hardly made any difference:


Sammy sat and waited patiently:


Then his head came up and he looked towards the road, he heard the bus coming well before I did:


That was the last I saw of him, he was off to meet his mistress and I was left to take photos in the rain.

rain in hills


  1. Beautiful photos - Sammy is lovely.
    I love your posts - just when I think I 'get' where you live, you post a photo like the last one and I remember 'the other side of the world'!

  2. Totally fooled me! But that's not hard. I looked for this posting expecting it to be the latest one on your blog. Then looked at the dates. I've already read tomorrow's post yesterday!

    Anyway the last photo makes it look as though you are living in a steamy tropical jungle. I take it you haven't moved and that they really are the Uppity Downity Mountains.

    I can't believe that you have lavander out in the middle of winter! I wonder how mine's doing at The Cottage.

  3. Oh, how beautiful! This makes me want to visit New Zealand.
    I love the dog waiting for your grandchild. How sweet!
    Absolutely wonderful photos.

  4. What a good looking dog & I think there is nothing sweeter than a dog waiting for a school bus. It shows their true love and devotion.


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