Friday, June 25, 2010

The girls did well

I just have a few not very good photos from last night’s Wearable Arts Competition at my grand-daughters’ school. 

They came home happy with two second places and a Highly Commended.  My daughter-in-law, Heather had done an amazing job of their costumes.  We are going to have a costume re-run next weekend when my youngest daughter and her husband come up to watch the International Car Rally which will be going past my house.  Hopefully I will get some better photos in daylight, I couldn’t cope with the stage lights last night.

Krystal looks pensive as Goldilocks (she’d left the three bears behind when they came back on stage for the winning announcements) waiting for the announcement of second  place.   The coloured squares on the Madhatter’s costume (the winner) were dyed tea bags.  Clever, huh?  (The theme was Nursery Rhymes.)


Shayde’s Pinocchio puppet strings were slightly awry but she still won a H.C.


Georgia couldn’t manage a smile for her Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.  It’s pretty scarey when you are only six and you’re up on stage all by yourself. 


Well done, Heather!


  1. Wow. Plenty of imagination and execution in those costumes. I don't ever recall us doing anything like that at my school not for our children.

    I once won a bet by walking down the main business street in Liverpool (Dale Street) dressed as the Mad Hatter (I hired the costume to go to a fancy dress party). No one batted an eyelid. That must have been in the mid '60s when, even in Liverpool, such things were not the norm. Now I doubt anyone would even notice.

  2. Pauline you blessed with such a wonderful and creative family. What wonderful costumes those lucky girls were able to show off!

  3. Fantastic costumes!! Your daughter-in-law is very talented (and hard-working!)!
    I may be saving the ideas for my grandsons.


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