Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Gift and World Cup Fever

Kiwi kids, along with a lot of the rest of the population, are gripped with Soccer Fever since New Zealand’s soccer team, The All Whites did so incredibly well in the Football World Cup.  I know we are all supposed to call soccer 'football' these days but you know how old habits die hard. 

Yesterday afternoon the three girls and Georgia’s Best Friend Ever, Archer arrived at my house in search of muffins.  There weren’t enough left from the batch baked on Wednesday so Krystal set to work to make some more.  

The other three, after a bit of an argument, finally agreed they would make something for me first and then they would play soccer.   Armed with cellotape they headed out to the paddock at the back of the house with instructions to me not to look. 

Well, nothing whets my appetite more than to be told to not look, so I grabbed the camera I am learning to use.  I don’t like everything about it but I do love it’s zoom.  Without being detected I took photos out of the bathroom window.

Deep thought was required at the planning stage:the planning stage
Archer looks to be giving the measurements:archer
Love it when they co-operate:the wrok begins
many hands
Krystal didn’t want to go far from the oven (she knows I probably won’t hear the timer when it goes off!) and draws quietly at the dining room table.krys
Their timing was just about perfect, the gift was completed at the same time as the muffins finished baking, so the soccer game could commence.

Their father’s little cattle pup (Beau) was keen to join in the fun.  He’s adorable, so fat and fluffy.race

Shayde declares a foul after being tripped by Beau.
Time for team tactics - Archer is distracted by the media:
rainy day 114
Beau decides he’s not ready for the World Cup just yet and comes to sit it out with the press.
rainy day 136


  1. Oh. Blogger's being a pain today. I left a comment a couple of hours ago and have just seen the message telling me that Blogger wasn't responding.

    Anyway I said that I loved the familiarity of the post and the fact that it took me 'home' to New Zealand and the farm. The post captured the children's spirit so well.

  2. Fantastic pictures of the kids...they looked like they were sure having fun!

  3. What a wonderful day full of pictures and memories. How fast they will grow. You are wise to keep them close for now.

  4. great photos pauline. I remember my childhood memories. I like children too. I love playing with my nephews and nieces still.


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