Friday, June 25, 2010

FSO Water/Lakes/Streams

This week I am staying really close to home.  We don’t have a lake but we do have our lovely little stream with many moods.

Although in places where the water is deep, it can take on the appearance of a small lake:

In summer it sparkles as it rushes over rocks:

It’s a magical place for children and dogs to explore:

In places, up the mountain, close to its source, beautiful ferns line its banks:


Late last summer, when we were in the grips of a drought, it became choked with weeds:

Then the rains came, and the bridge to somewhere:

1bridge to somewhere 25 May 2010

Became the bridge to nowhere:

Murky floodwater spread from the creek across the farmland:

But even before the floodwater recedes, when the blue skies returns, occasionally you catch it in a reflective mood.  It always seems to me that this is when Mother Nature takes a deep sigh, having spent her forces, and rewards us with beauty to compensate for the damage done.   (I admit it is a bit harder for the farmer to be so appreciative!)

And after the rain we find lovely little waterfalls:

I love this stream in all it’s moods, there is always something to delight the senses.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to "the creek".  Thanks to Nicole Howard for the topic.

If you'd like see some amazing photos of Water, Lakes and Streams, just head over here.


  1. Hi Pauline,

    I've been reading a lot of blogs for many months now -- quite a few about special places of living and vacationing. Few have stunned me as much as this. It's so tranquil. Almost mythical. I love the glitter on the water and the lush green landscapes and shrubbery, practically begging for dogs and people to run through it.

    I wonder what literature and paintings have been inspired or will be inspired by such a wonderful place. Or how many wounds have been healed here.

    Thanks for much for sharing. I needed this.

  2. Pauline - What beautiful photos! Being a desert rat it is especially nice for me to see the green & water!

  3. The fifth photo with the weir is puzzling me. Was that taken higher up the creek on the farm or up in the hills?

    I really enjoyed seeing the creek in flood and in its different moods.

  4. Yes, GB, that photo and the one below are taken higher up the creek, up in the hills where the creek is surrounded by bush and its path a bit harder to follow. It's beautiful up there, so natural and untouched!

  5. Thanks for your comment Sandy. Your desert has its own beauty though, doesn't it? Hope things are going well with you.

  6. Such gorgeous pictures, you live in a truly beautiful place. And hey - enjoy those kids!

  7. Oh Pauline...what a beautiful place you live in!...Wow I so want to go play in that creek and waterfalls..what fun is that!! Beautiful shootout hon!!

  8. Pauline these are lovely, the moods very well exspressed. As far as I am concerned this is one of your best FSOs. Do I always say that? sounds familiar - doesn't make it less true.

  9. Lovely scenery! love that waterfall shot.

  10. lovely to track along your creek. I hope you don't get much drought.

    At Goldie creek, part of the time, we actually walked on the water.

    Did you stay up last night? I went to bed at mid night, then got up again ti watch the last half. How often do we go to the world cups. The last time, i was pregnant with my oldest, and everyone at work was talking about it.

  11. What a wonderful tour of your lively stream. Don't be hard on it for overflowing in the spring/winter - that brings so many nutrients to the soil!

  12. How wonderful to have such a lovely stream so close to you! I imagine the kids finding all kinds of treasures there. And what better place for their imaginations to go wild!
    Gorgeous shots!

  13. You have some really beautiful shots here!

  14. Nature is just beautiful no matter where and what angle it is. Great shot! Happy weekend!

    FSO~The pond

  15. i love the telling of this story - it is such a rich experience to see a place through its cycle of the year. this is a very inviting body of water...

  16. I loved following your story and the photos displaying the moods of the creek. Thank you for taking us along.

  17. very nice post Pauline. great how you show is go from one extreme to the other. love the reflections.

  18. You always makes me take a deep breath reading and looking at the photos of nature. You embrace the nature so much! It makes me feel peaceful in here.

  19. Pauline, your photos tell a great story. I love your stream and all its moods too. Nature really is pure beauty.


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