Friday, June 18, 2010

FSO – Rocks Large and Small

When I took the first photo of a rocky outcrop I thought my camera was “on the blink”.  There was still some of the dark blur on the second photo and my heart sank.  There we were on the second of our four day trip and my camera was playing up!  I took another hoping to see a clear photo, but no, a bit of the blur was still there.  Chris took a photo on her camera, no blur.  I’m glad to report that all subsequent photos were fine.  Can someone please explain to me what caused that dark shape to appear in my photos and not on hers? 

Tomorrow I will post the Maori legend of this mountain.  Maybe, through my lens, I was seeing the taniwha (mythological creature/dragon/dangerous beast) of the mountain.

dark cloud 1

dark cloud 2

dark cloud 3

This week’s topic is Rocks, large and small.  Thanks, Elizabeth.  I love rocks, so loved the topic.

Rocks as monuments:



Rocks large and small in a creek:


Rocks in the sea:

rock awash1

Rocks amongst trees:


Rock on guard:  (Like its eyes?  I didn’t do that!):

rock guarding the sea1

Rocks to admire:

wet rock1

rock carved by time1 

Rocks to explore:

Chris between rocks1

A rock to sit on when one needs to sit and think:

bruce on seat

And if you have to garden in rocky ground, just haul them out and make a border with them:

rocky garden

To see more Rocks, Large and Small just click here.  Some of the team live in places famous for their rocks, can’t wait to see them all. 


  1. could have been a small bit of polen blowing in the air - landing for a moemnt on you lens. :)
    when I went to Mexico City - some 10 years ago - I bought 35mm film in a store right outside of the piramids - every one of my photos of my climb to the top had some black ink spot like shape on them... the funny thing was that it moved, wasn't on each picture in the same place changed direction and everything....
    great shots of all your rocks. the second one 'to admire' looks like the cave (inside) at Marble Falls Texas. a underground stream running through limestone for millenium.... carving the rock into waves....

  2. Love that shot of the rock by the sea, awesome!
    Perhaps there's something on your lens when you took the pictures?

  3. In the old days when I was in school, my photography teacher said, if you shake when you are taking the photo, you will get a blurry photo. I don't know if this is the case for you.

    We are so lucky here that we have so many stones, rocks.

    I am due for a Northland trip. The last time I went was 30 years ago.

  4. I think you have access to the most variety of rocks. So many shapes, sized, textures, colors and locations. It would make a great location for art class!

  5. Pauline, does it sometimes rain peanuts there?I bet that's it.

    You have the most amazing pictures of rocks here, wow! The one with the rusty stripes is my fave, but they're all great.

  6. Oh oh oh you have wonderful rocks there..I have always loved sandstone..all the looking at the clouds. I love the one from the sea too..but they are all fun!!! Wonderful shootout!!

  7. My favorite is that second rock to explore. Great Shootout! You probably just had a bit of dirt on the lens, that eventually fell off.

  8. I'm not sure what that blur is but it's definitely more than just a blurry shot. Maybe it is the spirit of the dragon that you captured.

    Anyhow, I love all of your rocks and although your photos are different than mine we were kind of on the same wave length with this shoot out.

  9. maybe a smudge on the front lens? mystery! so many great shots Pauline. so many favs here, hard to pick just one.

  10. I love the rock photos you shared and so interested bout the story of Taniwha.

  11. Love the photo of Aunty Christine,love from Lucy.

  12. I especially love the feel of the man sitting on the rock in deep thought.

  13. I love rocks and have lots of them in the garden - big and small.
    No idea of what was going on with your camera, but the effect was very interesting!


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