Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Foggy season

I find it hard to believe that when I first came to New Zealand, many years ago now, I hated winter with a vengeance.  I would cry from the cold and if it was rainy at the same time I'd yearn for the tropics.  I found being a farmer's wife extremely difficult, it just didn't seem logical to me to be outside in all weathers.  It was lucky I loved the animals and it was only their well-being that got me out the door on many occasions.  Oh, and my old friend, obstinance.  There was no way I was going to give in and admit it was too hard for me.

Now I don't mind winter so much and love many aspects of it.  One thing I really love is early morning fog.  And the foggy season is upon us at the moment.  When I was looking after my grand-children a couple of weeks ago I took this photo from my son's house, while checking to see what those cows were doing standing around in the raceway. 

I've come to realize that if I look for the beauty, the negative aspects diminish.  I really have changed my attitude over time.  I'm even almost looking forward to our first frost. 


  1. Living in a part of a the world with very distinct seasons, I do often feel that I hate our long winter. But at the same time I doubt that I would really want life to be completely without the cycle of seasons. If it were in my power I'd change the balance of it a bit... But you are right that looking for beauty does much for our perspective.

  2. I don't really mind winter but must admit I wasn't all that keen to get up in the night to help with cows calving
    I like winter much better now that we don't milk cows
    Love the photo

  3. Good for you! You might as well make the best of things and this photo...well you made the best of a foggy morning. It is beautiful.

  4. I love misty shots. you have done this one proud.


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