Friday, May 7, 2010

Things I like to touch - FSO

rose petals

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a few weeks.   It was chosen by Mark from The Butler and Bagman Chronicles for Mothers Day.  Mark is largely absent from the shoot outs these days, life is interfering as it has a habit of doing, but hopefully he will be here for the topic of his choice, and it is bound to be entertaining.

My mind has been flying off all over the place, thinking how marvellous it is, this sense of touch, and how wonderful is motherhood, not to mention grandmotherhood.  

There are hundreds of things I like to touch, probably thousands, but I couldn’t do justice to them.   I love what I call my treasures, the little things around the house that hold a memory.  I like to touch them, to hold that memory.   A little rock which my grand-daughter turned into something special.  The little buddha a dear friend gave me as a gift.  They are cold and hard but the touch of them delights my senses.

A few other touches I love:
headless chook & chicks1
My children’s arms around me in this photo which I refer to as Headless Chook reunited with her Chicks.

But my favourite?  It’s something that nothing else can rival.  The rush of so many emotions that accompanies the touch of a new born baby:


Makes me feel like I could touch the sky:

touch the sky

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  1. Awesome choice of this week theme. Thanks for sharing and happy weekend!

    Friday Shoot Out

  2. what precious post...
    love the baby photo.

  3. Beautiful photos and lovely sentiments.

  4. Lovely, lovely post for sure. Those are some things I love to touch too.

  5. adorable baby! that's something one can never resist from touching.

  6. Beautiful shot of the baby and very funny shot of you and your children!

  7. Yes, I did make it although screwed up the Linky thing. I love the headless cook shot. It is a classic!

  8. where did the head go LOL? Who took the photo? I agree with B & B, great photo.

    I haven't touched a snake for a long time, I was about 12 or 13 when I took real snakes to torment my two longer sisters. You make me LOL when I read the part about your kids tormenting you.

    I have quite a few (toy) snakes in my room. Sometimes I coil it round my neck like a lei. it never occur to me that the kids might me scared. You can say I am a crazy teacher.

    Share with you something quite touching. I was getting the kids to write attributes to their mum, and was explaining that beautiful can be both inside and outside. You see, I have Polynesian kids, and their mums are big women. I didn't want them to think that their mums are not beautiful.

    So I used myself as an example, that I am fat, and small eyes, so not beautiful on the outside. They were all assuring me that I was beautiful, both inside and outside.

    When I came home to tell my 13 year old, The rat bag said, your kids didn't know anything.

    Happy Mother's day.

  9. Yes, yes I love hugs too!! And wish I could touch the sky.

    Since Mr. Linky is being mean and not letting me on today, here's the link to my FSO post--

  10. Lovely post, Pauline. Touching people is the most important thing.

  11. Great choices this week. There is nothing like a hug is there?

    Mr Linky is not cooperating for me, here is my post: My Shoot Out


    Too literal? I loved this to pieces. The headless picture is perfect!

  13. Hugs and babies are the best but I really love how you like to touch your treasures to hold the memories. That is brilliant.

  14. Hiya right back at you, neighbour! What a good photographer you are, great pics.

  15. Nice shots. The first one is tops.

  16. What a lovely response to the post. Inside that tough Ozzie exterior there beats a heart as soft as down.


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