Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It’s not self promotion if…..

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No, it’s definitely not self promotion unless you are promoting yourself.  I’m merely promoting a talented grandchild.  There must be a little bit of me in her somewhere but definitely not in the area in which she is shines.
All the music in me is in my heart but I can’t sing, the Wards are a tone deaf bunch.  I sometimes sing quietly to myself when I am absolutely, positively sure there is no-one around who might hear.
As for dancing…well, let’s just say I can easily amuse my grandkids by dancing with them.

Acting?  Nah, can’t do that either.

But my grand-daughter, Jami, can do all three and to prove it she has just been selected as one of five finalists in a Disney Australia and New Zealand competition …out of 6,000 entrants!  It was an open casting call for one of Disney’s Australian productions ('As the bell rings') where any young person aged 8-18 was invited to send in an audition tape for a new role on the show.

A few Sundays ago Jami and her aunt, Justine, my youngest,  spent the day putting together the audition tape.
Can you imagine a little 11 year olds excitement at being chosen as a finalist?  

The first step was a trip to Sydney last weekend for Jami to attend an acting workshop with the other finalists at NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts), promo filming and her formal audition with the Director.  She was beside herself with excitement and was so happy to get to experience it all.  Jami is the youngest finalist.  Her mother Leone & Aunty Justine went with her and had to sign a confidentiality agreement, swearing they would not tell anyone until yesterday when the finalists tapes started being aired on the Disney Channel and voting started.
Imagine keeping secrets from mother and grand-mother!!

So here comes the promotion bit.  Voting can be done from just about anywhere.  So far we know you can vote in Canada, England, Scotland, Brazil. 
Voting starts TODAY and snippets will be aired on Disney from now until the winner is announced on June 16, so we are calling on all family and friends to VOTE JAMI!!!

How to Vote:

Click on 'View Top 5', then click on JAMI. 
Once you have watched the audition, you can click 'VOTE FOR JAMI'. 

You may want to check out the other finalists to make sure you are placing your vote for the best contestant.  

But I have no doubt who is the best.

living it up  Needless to add I’m very proud of my “Jamjar”.

grins on steps Jami and her proud mum, Leone enjoying the sights of Sydney


  1. Wonderful. Brilliant. Great audition tape. I've watched. I've voted. Go girl. Good luck.

  2. Well, that was fun! I've voted from this side of the pond. Best of luck to Jami!

  3. Awesome!! I watched and voted. I will also send an email to all my friends and family with the link so they can vote also. What a fantastic granddaughter you have!

  4. Thanks, GB

    And you, too, Pondy. I really appreciate that.

    Sandy, how good to see your electrons! Hope life is good for you! Thanks for voting and spreading the word.

  5. Pauline, this is so exciting. I watched all the finalists and I thought Jami was by far the best even though she is the youngest. I thought her audition was fabulous. She is a great dancer and she is very good actress. I loved watching her. In fact, I watched it three times. I also voted. Not sure if my vote counts, but it took my vote. Best of luck to your grand daughter. I hope she wins.


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