Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bridge to Somewhere

Yesterday this little bridge was surrounded by flood water and lead nowhere.  Today it is once again the bridge to somewhere.

bridge to somewhere 125 May 2010

The heavy rain that was predicted to fall last night did not eventuate here although some parts of the country were inundated .  I’ve just checked the weather forecast and we are not likely to see another sunny day until next Sunday, so the creek could rise again. 

With every flood I wonder how long this little bridge has done service to its owner and how many more floods it will withstand.  One thing I know for sure – when the day comes and it has to be replaced the new one will not have its charm. 

Don’t ask me why a bridge can make me smile but this one always does!


  1. Unbelievable, the difference between the earlier photo and this one! I hope the little bridge survives.

  2. That little bridge is one of the most solid little bridges I've seen. Yes it does have a certain character in its solidarity and political incorrectness with no safety factors such as anything to stop people and tractors falling off!

  3. Glad to see things back to normal. Amazing the suddenness with which a little creek can change its nature.

  4. I love bridges too and this one really makes me smile. It is so pretty.


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