Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tom and Ellie in Outer Waiotira

You will have to concentrate for a minute to understand my connection to Tom and Ellie.  My brother Peter many moons ago married an English girl, Judy (affectionately known within the family as Pommie Jude as another brother married an Aussie girl also named Judy).  Pommie Jude had a friend named Yolande (don't know if that is the correct spelling) who lives in London.  Over the years different family members visited Peter and Jude in Wiltshire, England where they live and if they wanted to spend some time in London, Yolanda always made them welcome at her home.

A couple of weeks ago when I was visiting home in Brisbane, Peter and Jude were also visiting Australia.  As luck would have it, Yolanda's daughter Ellie and her boyfriend Tom were visiting Brisbane at the same time and were guests of my sister, Janet who had stayed with Yolanda when Ellie was a little girl.   It was time for the family to say thank-you for the many kindnesses bestowed upon them by Yolanda.  I was staying with Janet at the same time and took a shine to the young couple, so was happy to offer them some NZ hospitality when they visited here. 

Tom and Ellie visited the farm for a couple of days before Easter.

 Tom delighted Georgia by teaching her a trick with coins.
Shayde gave them lessons in how to drive a quad bike.

Ellie took the card games very seriously - as one must when playing Last Card.

Tom impressed the girls with how long he could stay underwater:

I think they enjoyed their couple of days on a Kiwi farm.  Maybe one day my grand-children will venture forth to see the world as Tom and Ellie have.  I hope they are as charming to their hosts as this young couple have been.    

Enjoy the rest of your travels, Tom and Ellie!


  1. Friendships can make traveling a much more affordable place. Not to mention (forgive the redundancy) a much friendlier one.

  2. It's good to be able to put a face to the names. I'm sure that they were delighted with your hospitality - you are a great hostess!


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