Monday, April 19, 2010

Other things that made me smile

First there were two little boys intrigued by the goldfish:
Soon there were three:

Finally there were four:
My friend GB arrived in Auckland on Friday for a last trip to the north before heading back to the Northern Hemisphere.  Friday afternoon we visited some of the beaches around Warkworth and Matakana before staying the night with my friend, Twink.  (Yes, there is a story behind that nickname but that will have to keep for another time.)

Scott's Landing

Saturday morning we were up reasonably early and the three of us went off to the Matakana Markets.  I should have taken photos of the markets but the sight of the day were the little boys in the photos above.
As we walked from the markets along the riverbank to a lovely little tea house to have morning tea (a local is always best to show you these places) we spotted the caterpillars.  I'm sure the fishermen of the future would have been just as intrigued, had they known they were there. 

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  1. Yes. It was a wonderful morning and a wonderful weekend too. The children and the fish were absolutely, well, yes, they were. Great photos.


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