Friday, April 9, 2010

Country Roads FSO

Country roads are part of my everyday life.  I constantly enjoy the roads I must travel to go anywhere.  City folk sometime hate driving on our metal covered roads just as don't care for multi-lane highways.  My nature is now better suited to meandering along country roads, appreciating and enjoying my surroundings.

Thank you, Gordon for this weeks' theme.  To see the country roads in other parts of the world, go here. For once I have more than enough photos and the hardest part is which ones to use.  All my photos today are taken along our road to and from the farm.

On a foggy morning it's hard to see the one lane bridge at the foot of the hill below my driveway

 and roads into farms along the way are gobbled up by the fog 

On a warm sunny day you could be startled by my son taking visitors for a picnic

or a stock truck kicking up plenty of dust

Here comes Marshall, our neighbour and vet

When there is a shortage of grass, cattle sometime graze along "The Long Acre" 

In winter, when we get most of our rain, the little creek beside the road loses its peacefulness...

and creeps very close to the road.  
It overflows occasionally and when that happens we have an extremely long drive, up through the hill country at the back of the farm, to get to town.
The water pours down out of the mountains, sometimes crossing the road...

and tumbles off down the other side

Along our road, there is only one side road, a no exit, providing access to farms

There are interesting gates along the side of the road
A neighbour's vegie patch - it's hard not to covet his cabbages every time I drive past.  
(Yeah, I know, it's sad when all you covet about your neighbour is his cabbages!)

Hope you enjoyed the trip down my country road.


  1. Do you have a home stay of visitors' farm? I shall love to take my family for a weekend and help you "steal" your neighbour's cabbages.

  2. I did enjoy this little visit. I am more suited to country roads too but find myself in the middle of suburbia trying to make the best of it!

  3. Great country roads post. I love to think about being out in the country with the dirt roads.

  4. This theme was just made for you! I thought of you first. You have perfectly depicted the green hills and the water traveling across roads and tumbling downward. I love photos with fog in them and I think your foggy shots are both contenders for photo of the week!

  5. Hello Pauline
    What a fabulous spot you have to meander. I loved the foggy photos ~ gorgeous!

  6. thanks for sharing your country roads in NZ. I enjoy looking at it's like am traveling home while watching the beautiful nature view.

  7. I love your county roads, there's such a calming effect on them, nothing like our roads here. A very beautiful place.

  8. I'm jealous - that looks so inviting for a morning walk.

    The third photo is wonderful, Pauline. If I had taken that I would get a huge print of it and have it on my wall.

  9. Man, your country road seems so far fetch for me, will never enjoy such a breezy of foggy country road from where i am......

    love those pictures of yours, take care now and god bless,,,,,, have a great weekend

  10. I can't imagine the creek so full because when I saw it the water was low, covered in weed and hardly moving.

    The pictures are magic - I am so looking forward to seeing the views again.

  11. I love little winding roads. love the second and third shots, but the sixth one is it!! I love the winding road making it's way through the trees and the hillside in the background. wow!!

  12. So pretty scenery you've got here, I live in the country side too but seems like yours is more country-ish and beautiful. Happy weekend!

    Country Roads

  13. Wow, you've certainly illustrated the theme perfectly.

    By the way, did you say "metal covered" roads? Could your country roads be covered with metal?

  14. Love the hills,the grazers, the bridges, the fog, the picket fence, and your commentary.

  15. Well done! Looks like the school bus might have a tough time, though. ;)

  16. I'd like to know if you rent rooms? I'd love to come for a visit.. what a beautiful place and wonderul photos.

  17. wow, such a moving post! the water coming down from the mountains, we called that 'weeping', the mountains could only bear so much...

    I love this post, the reflectiveness of it all...

  18. Great shots!! I love those foggy shots.

  19. Pauline, I knew your pictures were going to be beautiful. Your countryside makes my heart skip a beat. It is so lovely and serene and I wish I was there. Maybe one of these days I can travel down your roads.

  20. Hi Pauline, thanks so much for your comment on my Country Roads post. That does indeed look like a bear, but in the end it was just my dad's newfie trying to look her biggest and baddest!!! We get such incredible fog here too where you can't see our little country road from the house, and we're only in the middle of a half acre. Love the cows grazing on their Long Acre!
    Thanks again, and have a great weekend.

    Love from Canada


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