Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More glimpses

A few more glimpses of the hard life while on holidays at Noosa.

Some people pack up and head for home when the rain comes, others just kick back and wait for it to stop.

The pool at the Sebel where my sister-in-law, Pommie Jude, spent considerable tan trying to acquire a tan to take home to cold, cold England. 

I have quite a few boat photos and will be prepared if my FSO theme is ever mucking around in boats.


  1. I like the last boat photo particularly.

    It does look like a hard life I have to say. I'm not sure that I could cope with it.

  2. Hello Pauline, Love the holiday snapshots. Hope you have settled back in after being in Paradise. Happy days.

  3. Your beautiful pictures remind me that I need a vacation. Somewhere warm where I can get a tan to take back to cold, cold Canada.


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