Friday, March 19, 2010

FSO My Favourite Colour

Well, that's a first.  Spell checker is telling me I spell two of the words in the topic incorrectly.  Well, let me tell you, little old spell checker, where I come from that's how we spell those two words.

Anyway, doesn't matter how we spell them, the topic is about personal preference.  I'd be happy if there was one colour that screamed "Pick me, pick me!" but my preferences don't work like that.  I've rarely seen a flower and not liked its colour. 

I am scheduling this post as I will be in Australia.  The colours in my garden will have changed by the time I return, so I took my camera this afternoon and snapped all the colours I saw.  That's what I love about this weekly shoot out, it causes me to stop and look at so much I would otherwise not notice.  I can't believe the number of colours I saw in my small garden - and still I can't pick a favourite.





But I narrowed it down to the pink hues. 
To see the favourite colours of the rest of the team, just click here and you will see the participants listed.  Doreen, who chose this topic, is a fantastic photographer, so be sure to check out her blog.


  1. Love the flowers but as for the favourite colour......

  2. I never met a flower whose color I didn't like either! Love your shots and your spellings!

  3. I love your colours Pauline. See I spelled colour the way you do. I hope you are having a fabulous time in Australia.

  4. I love those pinks! We're in the season of pink cherry blossoms, but I love the hot pinks of high summer. Bring on the colour!


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