Monday, March 29, 2010

Fishing for mallets

One of my very first blog posts was about Georgia and the mallets in the creek.

Yesterday Georgia and her "Best Friend Ever", Archer came running into the house shouting, "Granny, can you take us fishing down to where the mallets are?  We've found a fishing rod.  We want to go fishing.  We're not allowed to go to the creek by ourselves.  Can you take us fishing?  Do you have any bait?"  Not necessarily in that order, it was all a bit jumbled in their excitement. 

It never takes much to distract me from window cleaning so I happily agreed.

When we got to the creek, I baited the hook for them and Georgia went to throw out the line first.  Archer said, "I thought I was going to go first."
"No', said Georgia, "You said you were going to go first.  I didn't agree."
Archer had no argument and Georgia said, "OK, you can go first."
They crack me up these two six year olds.

Archer was pretty much in control and even when Georgia had her turn at holding on to the rod he had to have his hand on the line. 

They have both been fishing with their father's and had all the lingo, they sounded like a pair of old men discussing their lack of success.

Georgia eventually talked Archer into doing it her way:


  1. Don't you just love 'em. I can just imagine Georgia getting her own way whatever. Apart from anything else she'd just talk you into submission (and you probably wouldn't even realise it had happened).

  2. The top photo of the children fishing and the dog watching is just a classic. Absolutely charming, Pauline!


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