Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The cows and the rainbow

Last night as I was preparing my dinner I decided to feed my dog while the meat was cooking.  When I stepped outside I immediately noticed the change in temperature.  It felt quite cool and there was a blustery wind.  And....I could feel rain in the air.  With lifting spirits I looked up at the sky to see if there really was rain on the wind.

It's been so dry for so long, can you notice in the photo how little grass is in the paddock?  The stock are in good condition and still producing well but only because of the supplementary feed they have been getting.

The sky was a leaden grey and it looked like it could rain at any minute.  Then the rainbow appeared.  Setting in the trees just behind the cows.  So close!

After taking the photo I returned to my preparing my dinner.  But when I carried it to the dining room table and looked out, it was nearly dark but the sky was clear.

The rain clouds had blown away. 

One thing I know for sure.  Each day brings us closer to the day the skies will open and it will rain!  I yearn for that lovely earthy smell of rain falling on dry earth.  It will happen! 


  1. That's a grand image,you want rain I have plenty to spare. We should have it's the rainy season only eleven months long.

  2. My cousin Roger lives in Elizabeth, just outside Adelaide, and has been writing to me about the drought they have been experiencing.

    So far, we've been very lucky where we live, although I haven't seen a rainbow in 7 or 8 months.

  3. So you did go to bed late! It was worth it: great photo!

    PS You may wonder why I have joined your followers for a second time. I first joined from the Eagleton Notes and have got fed up of missing your posts early if I don't chase them up from my sidebar 'cos they don't (didn't!) appear in my NZ blog dashboard.

  4. Like Adrian - we've plenty of rain to spare at the moment. Never content, we humans, are we?


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