Saturday, February 13, 2010

Waimamaku Stream

 I'm glad I took a photo of this sign or I would have thought I got the place name wrong.  Why Waimamaku Stream is on the east coast of the North Island and Waimamaku is on the west coast is beyond me. 

I wonder if GB remembers why we pulled over here.  It is certainly not a destination, doesn't feature in any tourist literature or maps.  I think this roof of an old boatshed, which is below the level of the road, may have caught my eye:

I love discovering little places like this.  There was a grass track from the road down to the stream.  Some places don't look their best when the tide is out, but I thought this spot was just perfect.  Little boats were pulled up into the long grass beside the stream.  It's obviously safe to just leave them there.  

Not much point in putting them in the old boatshed.  It had a chain, but there was no lock.

The little harbour into which the stream flowed:


These are some of my favourite photos from our trip.  To me they are typical of Northland.


  1. Yes. I remember perfectly. We came over the brow of a hill and saw the inlet of Houhora ahead and were able to pull off the road. Like you I took loads of photos but you walked along in front of the old boatshed and I didn't. Oddly it is to be my next posting (including an abandoned boat under a tree which you were very taken with) but I have a slightly different take. We stopped again further along the inlet and took more photos.

  2. Pauline, sorry I can't help....I can't even pronounce it! Those shed doors would have kept me out of mischief for a while, great old doors.

  3. Lovely. It sounds like you had such a wonderful road trip.


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