Monday, February 15, 2010

Second favourite

There weren't many disappointments when that Hebridean and I went touring the north.  OK, the car spitting the dummy was not a highlight but the home my niece Paulette whisked us away to when she came to our rescue had a magnificent view.  And it was a beautiful moonlit night.

The disappointment for me was discovering when we collected the little hire car that there were some NZ roads on which we were forbidden to drive that car.  And one of them was my favourite drive in the north.  And believe you me, knowing the north reasonably well as I do, there are many worse roads than the coast road to Russell.  But rules are rules.  So I made sure that we had plenty of stops of my next favourite drive, the road from Tauranga Bay to Matauri Bay. 

Above and below is Tauranga Bay, quite crowded for a Northland beach really.


If you don't have time for lots of photos, give up now.  I'm afraid I got carried away and there are so many lovely spots, wild surf beaches and quiet little bays, that I'd love to share with you.



I've said it before - GB makes a great silhouette!  (This is the lovely big tree we found to shelter from the sun when we stopped for lunch.)

Sorry about the fence wires.  Sometimes you just can't get close enough to get a shot without the wires!


Matauri Bay


  1. Pauline a veritable feast. Five six and eight are crackers. Six would have been improved with a pretty model but we photographers have to make do with what is lying around.

  2. Truly amazing photos, I feel as though I have been with you on your trip!

  3. More lovely pictures. I especially like the second one, with the two parasols on the beach.

  4. I think you have captured the spirit of that part of our journey beautifully. You managed to see the area from different angles to mine in many cases and much better.

    I do like the silhouette very much.

    And the idea of the car 'spitting the dummy'. That's a new phrase for my vocabulary!

  5. Such beautiful places and gorgeous pictures. I really like GB's sillhouette too. Very nice.


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