Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Friday My Town Shoot Out

I joined the Friday Shoot Out team at the end of May and haven't missed a week since, but I think I was visiting most of the original participants from practically the start.  It just took me a while to summon up the courage to participate.  I'm so glad I did.  I think my photography has improved and I'm enjoyed the weekly challenge immensely, even when I found them extremely difficult.  
My movements have been restrained by a very sore back this week and I couldn't get out and take any new photos. This week the My Town Blogger Team invited us to revisit our favourite topic.  Sitting is very uncomfortable for me right now, so I've decided to enter the link to my very first shoot out when the topic was Water. To visit the rest of the team and see their photos, just click here.


  1. Get better soon, nothing worse than a bad back. Other than not having a back at all!

  2. I'm so sorry about your sore back! Hope it heals quickly.

  3. I took one of your photos for the spotlight photos, don't know yet if I will use it. I took the bus route - really wanted the water baby - absolutely charming.
    I also redid your link - the one entered earlier today didn't work..... wanted everyone to visit you post - so just reenterd it....
    hope your back gets better soon.

  4. I am sorry you have to have a sore back on Saturday. If it was yesterday, you could call in a sickie, but then, yesterday was a bad day for a sickie. I was listening to the radio when they talked about the ground controller in Dunedin. The DJ said, don't you call a sickie today.

    Is it your upper back or lower back? Do you prefer heat or cold treatment.

    I use a hot wheat heat back, one for my neck and one for my lower back. This soothes the pain away.

    Some people like it cold, then pop it in the freezer.

    I hope you get better soon, or you really have to call in a sickie on Monday. LOL

    If Whangarei is not so far away, I will pop over and give you some amatuer Chinese massage.

  5. That photo of the water baby catch my eye, simply give me a smile watching it. A precious shot, can use it as a bargaining tool when he grow up! lol

  6. I love that water baby!

    Do you do back exercises? I have to do them for my back, which is chronically sore; yoga helps. I hope the aches and pains ease up for you.

  7. Pauline, I hope your back gets better soon.

    I clicked on your water photos and I just love the water baby. So cute.

    I'll be back later to read all the posts I've missed the last couple of weeks.


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