Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A bit random

I've succumbed to some sort of summer tummy bug.  You don't need the details. 

Too frazzled to collect my thoughts and just feel like being a bit random. 

A nice spot to sit...but probably too far from the bathroom.  (I know, I can be a bit indelicate!)

Carving on waka (Maori canoe) at Waitangi
Shop sign in Mangonui.  
We went back the next day.  Jen was a delightful young winemaker, Edie her cute little two year old.

Just an old building
Just another old building
Three tourists


  1. It really is a great country you have.

  2. Glad that your bummy tug (sorry, tummy bug) is better this evening.

    Glad that you posted the wonderful notice in the Wine Centre.

    Glad to have shared those things with you.

    Glad sort of comment really.

  3. Stunning photo's of the trip away Pauline, I love the photo with the sign on the window. Family is important. When is that photography book coming out. You can get your blog published into a book. Happy days.

  4. I love the sign too. But I also like the old buildings. The first photo is gorgeous though and it looks like I place I would feel very serene sitting.


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