Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shining white tower

That's twice in one week I've experienced that "unearthly clear shining after rain".  I'm sure that's a line from an Australian poem about a plane wreck or the Blue Mountains but I can't remember.

During the week it happened at the beach.  Today it happened here.  Not that there was what you would classify as rain but there was a sprinkle and when it cleared off my landmark, the Vodafone tower, could be seen - white! Yes, it's white.  Who would have guessed!  It always looks grey, sometime I think it might be white around the base but this evening I see it is all white.  I can see it out the window as I type and it is hard to take my eyes off it.  You can even see the little buildings around its base.  Shining white!  Like an evening star.  OK, I'm getting a bit carried away now.  But it really is something to see something you see many times every day looking different. 


  1. It looks like a mini white Eiffle Tower, but in a more natural setting.

  2. Gosh. What more can I say. It looked so grey to me.

  3. Hey Pauline, at least you are getting rain!!! Too bloomin hot here today and the same expected tomorrow. Gotta love air conditioning.Plus you have a green scenery!!!! (I am jealour)Enough of my wingeing about the weather. Happy days.

  4. Glad you have the opportunity to see the tower in a new perspective. Sometimes the little things can bring us such excitement.
    I can relate. After a good rain and wind here, I am always amazed at how clear the mountains look. Usually, it's so smoggy that the mountains look like a brown shadow but the rains, oh how they make the landscape sharp.

  5. Whenever I go to the beach I look for the lighthouse on Race Rocks. Sometimes they are so clear and close I swear I could swim to them - the red and the white as crisp as a newly painted farmhouse. There are other times when it's hidden in the mist, or others when it seems miles and miles away - always different.


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