Saturday, January 2, 2010

New look, new year

I got it into my head that I should give my blog a new look for the new year. 

That's probably an extension of my thinking that I should have a new look for my next birthday which is one of those major transition birthdays, my 65th.  Hair is the logical place to start, that is the easiest changed.  Well, for most of us it is.   Not so in my case.  I can change the colour but beyond that I don't have much choice, my hair is very straight and has taken on some of my characteristics, it's not easily pushed around and it doesn't like being told what to do.  I wear it short so can only go shorter if I want a change.  A friend didn't think that sounded like a good idea, said it wouldn't suit me but that's hardly the point here.  I just feel a need for change.

Anyway, I drifted off the topic.  My new blog look.  I wanted to give thanks to GB who took this photo. 

I've been in the city since Monday and I'm missing those hills of home.


  1. I notice that you didn't attribute a gender to the person who told you your hair wouldn't suit you shorter. In the normal course of events (I really am too verbose sometimes) I'd have said it was a male bacause males very rarely choose short hair if asked. However.....

    I like the new look and it will allow for larger photos if you want them. But your blog is very interesting anyway. And now that I've visited Northland every new photo is awaited with bated breath.


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