Friday, January 29, 2010

FSO - Look up, look do

Thinking this week's topic is hard has become a bit of a habit with me.  Each week when I look up the topic I do a "Oh gosh, that's difficult.  How will I do that?  Where will I find photos for that?  How will I approach this?"  Then when it comes to doing the post I find I have really enjoyed it.

This week was like that.  I'm short on time because I'm enjoying the company of a guest this week and then I'm going gallivanting around the north for four days.  But I have enjoyed looking up and looking down, I just had to be careful when I was looking up that I didn't trip over things that I would have noticed had I been looking down. 

Like the old child's bike and the small statue hidden amongst the flowers.  I don't have time to put my photos into order so there's a bit of random looking up and down going on. 

Thanks to My Town Blogger Team and Sarah Lulu for the topic.  You can check out what the rest of the team came up with here.


  1. What a great post. I loved looking "up" at a flower, imagining how you had to scrunch down to take it. And looking down at your living area from a loft(?) - unless you trucked in a step ladder. It looks so homey and comfortable but I am intrigued by what the "6" is for. Do people have to take a number to get a seat? All in all a wonderful conclusion and if you thought it was difficult, it doesn't show.

  2. Pauline, you started with the perfect photo and ended with the perfect photo. I guess that means all your photos are excellent.

    P.S. I just like you so much. Your personality is so great and I think if we ever met in person that we would be great friends.

  3. Hello Pauline, love the subject for this week. Where are those ruins, I remember going there with Chris and taking photo's. Happy days.

  4. Love the lines and texture in that final image!

  5. hehehe,

    I have seen roosters, but a duck as a weather vane, this is a first.

    The child's bike, is it left to rust to provide nutrient to the plants. I was told in Hawaii, they left bicycle parts to rust for the pineapple. In New Zealand, if you put used cans at the base of hydregea plants, the blooms become red.

    P/s I am back, no place like home.

  6. Thanks for posting. I am always glad to see the quality shots from your paddock. The tricycle shot is a classic.


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