Friday, January 1, 2010

Friday My Town Shoot Out - Under Construction

What do we have to do to construct a fabulous 2010 for all of us?

Take a fist full of resolutions......

Construction is such a male word, don't you think?  And, to me, it has a hard work sound to it.

But we women know how to construct too, you know.  And it's not always easy either.

My daughter's hand sometimes aches when she spends hours squeezing that icing thingy as she constructs a cake. 

My back aches if I spend too long sitting at the sewing machine when I construct a bag.  And then my head can ache as I try to decide if it looks best with or without the trim:


or without

Watch out when my daughter-in-law Heather and her girls decide to get creative and construct a costume:

I like to use what I can find around the farm or at the beach in my outdoor creations. 

It's amazing what some people can construct using old fence wire:

Compared with that, road construction (call me sexist but that is definitely a male thing) is dull and boring:

whether it be in the country

or in the city.

I have no idea what this is going to become but it looks boring to me.

But add a tree and a bit of water and there is some promise of interest.

Thanks, Gordon, for the topic "under construction".  It was a lot more fun than I expected it to be.  Click here to see what was under construction for the rest of the Friday Shoot out team. 


  1. Love the bag...I am still struggling to put together a construction post! Hmpf.

  2. That post was well constructed. Interesting ideas. I liked that. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  3. Nice creative family...memories flood back, of my sewing for myself, the kids, construction paper always laying daughter would love your daughters creative butterflies! I would love to lick the icing bag when she is done :)

  4. I love the bag with the trim, so nice! your family is quiet creative, I can never sew well or decorate cake like that.

  5. Ha! You made me smile with your opinions of male construction projects! There aren't many such projects in OR right now, but if there were, they'd all look just like yours: orange cones and yellow backhoes.
    Have a happy new year Pauline!

  6. Love the womanly construction! Well done!

    Have a blessed 2010!

  7. Great Shootout, Pauline.
    Have a happy and constructive new Year!

  8. The bag is beautiful! Well done Pauline! We especially love the cake because Linda and her mother have a tradition of cake decorating. The butterfly motif is lovely! Those wire sculptures are very impressive as well. Lots of artistic construction goes on down under. This is such an inspiring post. Have a creatively fun and wonderfully healthy Happy New Year, Pauline!

    With love, from Barry and Linda

  9. That cake is really beautiful! Love the "creative" constructions. Have a wonderful and Happy New Year.

  10. I really enjoyed your construction post! I agree, there are many ways to look at it. who knows, maybe those guys really love construction and feel as much pleasure in creating a building as we do sewing. But I doubt it. Ha!

  11. great post Pauline! you are very creative.

    happy new year!!

  12. Wonderful shootout hon!! That bag..I loooove it!! Love the shots of your kids constructing! The!! Happy New Year hon, Sarah

  13. Wonderful photos. That is such a gorgeous cake. I especially like the barb-wire fence. It reminds me of my time spent shooting in refugee camps in Thailand. I wish we could put roses on all the barb-wired evils of the world and bring peace to the politically oppressed.

  14. You are absolutely right about highway construction being boring. I'd much rather see your variety. I bow to your mastery, oh, construction guru! Give my regards to your beautiful family.

  15. Your post has my creative juices flowing!


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