Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday My Town Shoot out - Fences

"A fence is a structure to restrict or prevent movement."

I'm reminded of a bad tempered Irish engineer I once worked with who was berating a bunch of labourers. He pointed to the fence around the site and said, "See that fence, it's to keep the other guys out, not to keep you in, feel free to leave at any time!"  A real charmer he was.  But ever since then I often wonder when I see a fence whether it is to keep something in or keep something out.  Either way, none of my first few fences (two were gathered while on the construction hunt last week) is very effective:

And this one is doubtful:

Some fences serve a specific purpose e.g. a swimming pool security fence.  I'd like to say those skinny legs in the reflection are mine but no, they belong to my daughter:

This fence should have kept the goats in, now it's keeping them out:

The solid security fence protecting Alan Gibbs huge landscape sculptures that I posted about last week.

To keep the birds out???

There are a lot of stone fences around this part of the country, both in town:

and in the country:

Some fences are purely practical:

And then some manage to be both practical and attractive:

This fence marks a spot that means a lot to someone:

And my favourite.  You can't see the wires because I shot this from quite a distance but here are my grand-daughters rolling/crawling under an electric fence:

So, whose idea was it to send us out looking at fences?   Thanks, Sandra Leigh, (Amazing Voyages of the Turtle) for your imagination.  My first construction site photo was taken in the city where I was staying for the last week and a few others were taken between here and there on my way home but most of them I see on a regular basis. Go here to see the fences of the other FSO team members. 

Sorry, my post is late.  I went away for the weekend thinking I had scheduled it to appear but got the date wrong.  Ah well!


  1. Pauline, I love your collection of fences. I just got home after having a margarita so when I saw your post about the goats not being able to get back in I broke out into hysterical laughter. I don't know why I thought it was so funny but it was and I think the photo is great. I also like your last three photos. Of course you grandchildren add such life to the photo and the flowers on the fence say so much about the emotional state at the other one and the one above it is just breathtaking. Great shoot out.

  2. Bad goats! Somehow they remind me of my cats. Are goats the cats of the ruminant world?

    Love your wooden fences in the countryside, and that wonderfully knocked-down chain link.

  3. Oh Pauline you did a great job. The photos are great and the narrative is perfect. I loved the one with the goats and the grands. I honored my daughter's birthday, so did schedule my FSO until today Saturday. Nice to find you.

  4. Oh no they had better roll fast! Those electric scare me, since I am clumsy and have had to step over them before!

    I like the goats on the outside of the fence. They look like they are waiting, or either are baffled that they are out there to begin with :) Love it!

  5. Love the bird and goat fence shots - well done for this week, and a great variety of fences!

  6. excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT. loved the photos, the area is beautiful and the fences just add to it.
    why were your grandchildren going under a hot-wire fence?
    those goats seem to be looking at you saying 'are you going to help or what?'

  7. Places like that - that mean so much to people always make me think of what the story is.

    Great photos.


  8. wow! very impressive fences. one after the other. all are awesome shots!!

  9. I like it that you pose the question of the fence keeping some in and others out, and that some of your fences aren't doing either! A very interesting and well-constructed set of photos. And thank you for your wonderful lengthy comment last week: I cherished what you said about seeing salmon. It's how I feel too.

  10. beautiful - the goats made me laugh.

  11. the one with crosses, OH dear, must have had a lot of accidents.

    Before I left NZ in 1990, to Singapore, there were do such crosses, of we didn't see any.

    Then we came back in year 2000, OMG, the stretch from hamilton to Auckland, we counted to many like your photo.

    Doesn't the crosses and flowers make people more aware????

    Wish I am back in NZ for the weather.


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