Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ladies only

I hope the Chinese are starting a new trend with their first in the world car park for women only at the Wanxiang Tiancheng centre in Shijiazhuang, about 400km southwest of Beijing.  Long way to go for a decent car park.  I don't give a fig if some think it is sexist to build extra-wide parking spaces for women only.  Maybe they are going a bit too far with the bright colours and cute cartoon characters but no-one will argue with extra lighting and security.

I'm forever complaining about shrinking car park spaces (I don't mention it out loud very often but I do a hell of a lot of muttering about them).  I accepted a long time ago that men have better spatial awareness skills than women which gave them the edge when it comes to parking.  But, to give myself due credit, I've never had a car park scrape.  Not that I can recall.  No, I'm sure I haven't.  Well, pretty sure.


  1. Whether you have spacial awareness when it comes to parking or not you seem to park pretty well to me and you drive, like the majority of women I know, exceptionally well. I think that when it comes to reverse parallel parking women talk themselves out of it. I say that because I do know a lot of excellent women drivers who say they can't reverse parallel park. There's no logic to that.

  2. I've never had a scrape. Actually bouncing my bumper off that of a parked car in a department store lot, on the other hand.... (Which contained a napping husband, waiting for his wife. At least, he was napping until the whiplash occurred.) But never a scrape.

  3. I've never had a scrape in the parking lot, but both myself and my husband always complain about the tight parking spots. It seems they keep getting smaller and smaller. It's crazy.

    Pauline, I hope you have a very happy New Year's Eve and a healthy, happy and prosperous new year.

  4. Pauline, some men maybe, My parking proceedure is simple, find space, aim at it, wait for bump, stop. Easy!

  5. Linda is always complaining that parking lot ticket machines are set too high up for women to reach.

    I tell her its because her Honda Civic is set too low down.

    But then she doesn't listen to me.

  6. UGGHHH...small parking lots make me crazy!I drive a big truck and it can be a royal pain to park sometimes.

  7. I like your ideas on construction - I wonder if the word is masculine in Portuguese. but I diagree that men are more spacial in their perceptions of the world. I can visualize an empty room filled with the furniture I own....
    I can visualize a blue print of a house into 3 demension and know to add more space in the kitchen or in the baths... I don't think men do this. as far as parking lots, I took the side of my car down a corner once.... a man yes a man started out the entrance I was entering (!) once cause he thought there was room for two cars... ha! I took the wall as my option to hitting his car.... wrong choice in retrospect.
    have a great year.

  8. Barry is wrong - a man in a civic can reach the ticket both - our arms are shorter and usually our higth is in our legs not our upper body the way a man's is. irratating as all get out to have to put your car in park to open the door and take the parking ticket....
    well enough of this griping....


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