Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hidden treasures

My activities this weekend are very domestic compared with last weekend when my guest and I were only home long enough to eat and sleep really. But at least with all the gallivanting we did we ate and slept well.

We started off our sight seeing on Sunday with a quick walk in the bush to visit a kauri tree:

and the unexpected sight of a native bush pigeon:

then on to the estuary in Ngunguru:

followed by the sights of Tutukaka:

When we got to Matapouri Bay the tide was fully in and I wasn't too sure about whether we would be able to get around the rocks to get to one of my favourite spots. Had there been any waves that day we wouldn't have been able to but we managed to scramble around the rocks without getting too wet.

At one stage we came up behind a lad of 12 or 13 who was bending over playing with a dog in the water right in front of me. I couldn't go around him as he was in the shallows where I wanted to be. As we stood there waiting for him to get out of the way the tide swelled a bit and I had to hitch my pants up higher and said over my shoulder to GB, "Pull your pants up. " The lad was a little startled because I don't think he was aware I was there - but he pulled his pants up!! Funny, huh?

I don't know if I can describe the place we got to. Access is gained by trekking through long grass, then climbing down through a gap in the rock. On the other side is a very rocky little bay where the tide seethes in through a narrow causeway between the rocky headland and a rocky outcrop.

When there is a good surf running it is quite spectacular but was still worth the walk on a day when there were no waves at all. I savour every minute I'm at this place as I realize I won't be able to scramble over the rocks to get there forever, I'm not as sure-footed now as I used to be and with each visit I notice how I move more cautiously.

Can you see the slither of daylight in the middle of the photo? - that's the access:

GB about to start the scramble through the gap on the way out:

After standing aside to allow a family through - it's one way traffic only:

I thought for a minute I'd lost him in the long grass but, no, there he is, the Northland adventurer!


  1. Pauline, this sounds like a wonderful weekend. Your town, your country is so beautiful. I love the scenery of all the surroundings. I've also noticed that GB is a frequent commenter on your blog. Did you meet through blogging or were you already friends? Just curious. I think it's great. I don't know why but it just makes me smile inside.

  2. JarieLyn, GB is a blogging friend. Just proves the saying the world is full of strangers who aren't yet your friends - or something like that! :)

  3. It was an absolutely wonderful weekend and the hospitality was second to none. (I was going to say the hospitality was truly Kiwi but that mightn't have been appreciated fully given that Pauline hails from across the ditch). I haven't even got half way through my postings about the weekend yet. I'm grateful for the names though because I might have some problems locating and remembering everywhere.

  4. Pauline a very beautiful place, thank you for sharing it.

  5. Pauline - looks like a challenging yet fun little hike and of course the scenery is beautiful! Sounds like the two of you had a wonderful weekend.


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