Saturday, November 21, 2009

Unexpected pleasures

I went for a long walk this morning to ease the kinks out of my back (the price of spending two days at the sewing machine) and noticed how pretty the weeds are at this time of year. So this afternoon when Georgia and I went for a walk, I made sure the camera came with us.

Down by the creek was an unexpected pleasure. The dairy herd was in a paddock beside the creek but a number of them had walked out of there and were grazing along the banks of the creek.

They looked so lovely amongst the long grass.

It’s an environmental ‘no, no’ these days but my dog wouldn’t know how to chase a cow to put them back in the paddock and I decided I would enjoy the sight, as, who knows, I may never see it again.

Once one cow does something, all the others usually want to get in on the act and before long lots of them were leaving their paddock and going for a wander down along the creek.

I think they were also attracted to the sound of our voices.

Krystal, Shayde and their little friend, Jessica came looking for us and we all went walking up the little side stream that comes down out of the mountains.

Another unexpected pleasure - the girls discovered a water hole deep enough to swim in.

And in they went, clothes and all!

By the time I convinced them that they had been swimming long enough the cows had been retrieved from their paddock (and the creek) and were making their way to the cow shed for milking.

And now the bottoms of my feet are sore from walking along the stoney bottomed creek.

But that’s a small price to pay for the pleasures of the day.


  1. These photos are the proof of greenest NZ. I enjoyed looking and reading your post. I can feel the pleasure of nature. Thanks for sharing. Now, my childhood memories flash on my mind.

  2. It sounds like one of those idyllic days. The children may not recall the individual day or their particular games but this type of da' will probably live long in their memories.

  3. Sounds like a great walk! I love corny jokes so:

    I guess they swam until the cows came home!

  4. Bliss. Life doesn't get much better, does it?

  5. WOW Pauline, what a great post to come back to the blogging world to!! I love the pics and having grown up in the country I understand the simple pleasure of discovering a swimming hole when least expected. How wonderful and thanks for sharing. Mostly though I want to thank you for your kind words and inspiration, as tough as things can be for me it is amazing to know that someone so far away is concerned for me and I could never express to you how good that makes me feel. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

  6. Lovely post, took me back to summer, thanks.

  7. Oh, I enjoyed this post so much. How I love taking walks like this. Your photos of the cows are wonderful. Of course, we don't have this kind of beauty in Las Vegas so I am a tad envious of your surroundings.


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