Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kids on parade

The best part of any parade, for me, is the children. I love seeing their delighted faces as they pass by.

As they grow older it doesn't seem to be quite as much fun. Or do boys reach a certain age and feel the need to be 'cool'?

The Wearable Arts Parade was one of the attractions. Krystal waits pensively for the music to start, obviously not very comfortable about being the first to take the stage.

Georgia had to overcome her shyness to step on to the stage in front of all those people by herself. She went very quiet while they waited for the show to begin, a sure sign she was bothered. But she did it, quite an achievement for a six year old, I think. I was so proud of her!

Archer, Georgia's 'best friend ever' greets her after the show - "So where did you get that dress from?"


  1. Beautifully shot Pauline. Not allowed here anymore without being certified. I love pictures of children but find I have to be a good distance away or they start performing for the camera.

  2. Pauline, what a great time that must have been. I love the costumes...the kids are just so cute!

  3. They look so happy and confident as well as beautifully colourful. The kids get to join in Carnival here in Nice, and they enjoy it to the full (some store their costumes in a warehouse overlooked by this flat, so I watch them assembling & returning: hilarious!).


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