Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot Out - Skylines

Kate from Kansas has chosen the theme for this week's Friday My Town Shoot out - Skylines. Kate takes wonderful photos so make sure you have a look at her skylines.

Earlier in the week I had no enthusiasm for this topic, I associated skylines with cities, cathedrals, bridges, etc. Then, on my drive home from work I looked at what I see on the skyline each and every day and realized there are many who would envy me these views.

So, I'm going to take you along as a passenger on my drive home from work.

A few minutes out of town, heading south, is a picnic area with a view down the Whangarei Harbour and out towards Whangarei Heads. We'll pull over here for our first photo.

It's a shame the tide is out! You can just make out the stacks at Marsden Point Oil Refinery.

After we turn off SH 1, the traffic thins and we have an easy drive, up and down hills and around lots of corners but always with the same mountain range on our skyline.

I love the uppity downity mountains, they always look so cheerful!

Soon the village of Maungakaramea comes into view, nestled at the foot of the mountains.

Closer still and the tower on that highest peak comes clearer. That is our most prominent landmark. As you can see the road has many twists, so the skyline is constantly changing. See that white building on the left hand side of the road, on the edge of the village?

That is the church in the next photo. No grand cathedrals but a simple, honest, place of worship for the local folk, built by the local folk of days gone by.

As we draw closer to home the countryside becomes more rural, one minute there are cattle on the skyline:

The next minute it is sheep:

Ahh, yes, home now, there is the tower:

and here is the skyline from my front deck:

I think this skyline is imprinted on my heart.

And there is another skyline I'd like to share, one from my childhood.

As children in Australia we travelled up this valley at school holiday time towards my grandparents farm. Our excitement grew as we sighted Mt Castle and Mt Mistake.
I can close my eyes and see that skyline, still fresh in my memory.

I'm looking forward to visiting and seeing the special skylines of my blogging friends.


  1. This was a beautiful drive. I love all of these skylines. I wasn't very enthused about this theme either, but it worked out just fine.

    Your photos are gorgeous.

  2. Totally beautiful. We are both very blessed with rural skylines.

  3. There can be few more beautiful skylines anywhere for a drive home.

  4. That is a great take on the sktline theme - I too had associated it with cities until you posted. The first three photos look like - and would make brilliant scenes for - watercolours.

  5. What amazing view of nature you got there, over here, everywhere I turn sure to find tall buildings.

  6. What a gorgeous country. I'll trade commutes with you any day!

  7. Of course you have some magnificent scenery to work with, but even so, your photography is remarkable. Your drive home is breathtaking.

    I envy you the ability to actually enjoy the drive home instead of being stuck in rows of endless and unpredictable traffic.

    Barry & Linda

  8. I love your shots. And that church is so classic, can't go wrong with that one! You have so much beauty to enjoy - thanks for the ride!

  9. Pauline, I had similar feelings about the topic this week until I did the same as you did, realizing that where I live is absolutely a wonderful place to view.

    I have fallen in love with New Zealand, from visiting your blog and Graham's. Some of these photos could have been taken right here in Vermont :)

  10. Won't your Aussie friends love all the green round you here? My sister in Queensland always adore our green.

  11. Lovely drive to be envied. I like the way you made this week's theme your own.

  12. I would say that your drive from work is simply spectacular. Good on you that you used it to show us some wonderful skylines!

  13. Oh. Oh! OH!

    I just told my husband that we're moving to New Zealand. Your photos are absolutely stunning. Those are my kind of skylines... ahhh.

  14. Pauline I love your photos. Thanks the great ride! It's breathtaking and as if I can smell the fresh air. New Zealand is the greenest and cleanest country. Most of the milk are originally come from your country.

  15. the second shot is stunning! also like the cows and sheep and small church. what a treasure. have a great weekend!!

  16. Love your uppity downity photo - a gorgeous view. I always enjoy your posts so much, I feel like I have a visit with you.

  17. Great shots! My favorite is the cows, especially because one of the cows looks like she is looking at you.

  18. You make me want to grab my backpack and head for the hills for a week or more. Great stuff!

  19. Thank you for the compliment :) I love your skylines - what beautiful surroundings. I'm officially jealous.


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