Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot Out - Places of Worship

Friday again. And this week the theme is Places of Worship - formal and informal - chosen by Rebecca. I've already seen Rebecca's shots and, as always, she has some amazing photos.

My little local village of Maungakaramea has three small churches to serve the spiritual needs of its few hundred souls. I love these humble little churches, they are to be found everywhere in small rural communities. I posted a shot of the Anglican Church last week but here it is from another angle:

The Catholic Church is further on up the road:

And the Interdenominational Church is around the corner:

In Whangarei, our nearest regional centre, the Anglican Church is a lot more grand. Of all the churches in the town I chose this one because of those beautiful windows that reflect the glory of trees:

This is another Anglican Church on the outskirts of Whangarei. It's one of my favourites.
Align Center

In a back corner of grounds of this church I found this:

There was no plaque or any explanation of why it was there.....I wonder...

Some choose a less conventional God and make their own little altars:

The flock gathers:

And, hold on a minute, do I see a cow praying in that paddock?

In an earlier life I worshipped the sun - on a beach such as this:

This is where I go these days to give thanks - for my life, my family, where I live (and the little girl who is usually with me when I go here):


  1. Pauline, I Loved all of your photos. The little white churches are so quaint and adorable. I'm glad to see that you have quite a variety of spiritual places of worship. I personally, prefer the place in your last photo. It looks divine.

  2. Those little churches are so charming!!

    AND your last photo ...pure magic.

  3. I love the simplicity of those white churches. And of course that beach shot. How inviting that is!

  4. Lots of great pictures here; the small white churches are classics, so inviting.

    And you have cows that pray!!!

  5. The little white churches are unique and so inviting. In a place where the natural beauty of the area is so overwhelmingly beautiful anyway, it makes sense to build more human scale churches. This is a wonderful shoot out. We loved the flock gathering.

    Best Wishes, Barry and Linda

  6. the little churches are all so quaint and cute!! yes..... cute!! love your post.

  7. Hello, Pauline - love this post; gives me an insight into another world (or so it seems). Faves include the way you caught the trees reflected in the lights of the Anglican church. Adore the visual gags (that is a very devout cow!). Clearly, you're one who is completely at home in nature, so your last pic's no surprise ... I can understand that.

  8. The river and pool is just the sort of place that I would sit and worship the wonders of nature. I love the water.

  9. your churches remind me of the ones in Norway - and the simplicity has the same pleasing vision as my little churches do.
    I've stolen a photo to pass to ChefE for our new banner. I don't know how many she will use each time but she promises to use everyone's town at some point.

  10. I love your shots, and I especially liked where you took creative license with the assignment!


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