Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ask a woman/wife/mother

This morning I lost something. Well, not exactly lost because it was found again but for a time I really thought it was lost forever.

I know I was awake at 6.15 am because I heard the singing of the national anthems before the New Zealand Vs Wales rugby game. I had turned on the radio to make sure I wouldn't miss it. My Bucket List isn't very long but one of things I'd love to do before I die is hear the Welsh singing their national anthem in Wales before a rugby game. And watch Australia play West Indies in cricket - in the West Indies., never mind.

Anyway, at 6.15 the thing (it) was on my bedside table.

Some time between 6.15 and 7.15 I showered and dressed. At 7.15 I made breakfast and couldn't find it. And I needed to find it. I rang my son and asked him to come and help me look for it. He crawled around under my bed (maybe it rolled off the bedside table although I was sure I had put it into my pocket) and around the floor in the office because in that same time span I had also turned on the computer, and down behind the toilet because I'd sat there too. We looked everywhere - it was not to be found. We gave up, thinking it would turn up again one day in a weird place - we'd checked the pantry and refrigerator. It had to be in the house somewhere, I had not been out the door.

At 8.15 am my daughter-in-law came in. "Have you found it yet?"

No, I had not.

This is when I was reminded of the difference between how a man and a woman look for things. My son listened to what I said and looked where I suggested. Heather hardly listened to what I said but asked questions. Did you go here?... have you been there?.. We retraced my steps to the bathroom where I had dressed and as we closed the bathroom door I sighted my dressing gown hanging behind the door and the lights came on (in my head that is). Ah ha! Pockets. Check the pockets!

And, yes, sure enough, there it was - see, I knew I'd put it in my pocket!

So, the lesson of the day is if you need to find something, enlist the help of a woman/wife/mother. I am or have been all those things so perhaps you should make sure they do some active wife and mothering duties to ensure their "Where is it?" thinking is still sharp.


  1. Have a similar problem with my phone, thinking of buying another so I can phone the first. I am curious as to what it was you lost.

  2. I can't believe that I've just written three paragraphs of comments and b****y Blogger has lost them!

    I think that everyone who reads this will be wondering what it was that you lost although it matters not one jot for the story.

    At least I'll now know where to look first for my whatsit when I can't find it in the morning.

    Actually when I get up in Eagleton I put my cellphone from the side of the bed into my dressing gown pocket. I frequently leave it there after my shower. I occasionally go out and it's still there. Arghhhhh.

  3. Pauline, I'm laughing tears because you are so funny. I swear, you remind me of myself sometimes.

    Yes, I am wondering what you lost too, but like GB said, it matters none. Glad you found it. At least, you know you are not insane now.

  4. Mine doesn't come off so I can't lose it!

  5. Pauline, we shall go to the West Indies together!!
    I have two things left to do before I depart this world - travel in space and see the Australian Cricket Team play the West Indies IN the West Indies. The full tour, test and one dayers!!!!!

  6. Pauline, we shall go to the West Indies together!!!
    I have two more things to do before I depart this world; to travel in outer space and watch The Australian Cricket Team play in the West Indies, all the tests and one dayers!!!!
    How is it I have know you all these years and never knew this about you??

  7. Oh, Pauline - really did laugh out loud at this one! Thank you (good laugh much-needed at moment). Glad you found it.
    Share your love of 'Mae Hen Wlad'; it's one of the most beautiful national anthems. But missed the match, curses!


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