Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Confused lamb

There are times when a camera should never be out of reach. I just missed a golden opportunity.

I heard the farm bike stop out front so went to see who had arrived. My daughter-in-law was standing beside the bike, laughing. No one else in sight. She looked at me and nodded in the direction she had come from. And there was the girls' pet lamb, running as fast as it could, trying to catch up with the bike. I've posted before about how pet lambs get confused about their place in the scheme of things. This one thinks it is a dog.

I had the camera in my hand by the time it decided that it was coming to visit me, probably thinking the girls were here. Managed to take these photos before stepping back inside and shutting the door in its face. That's what happens to the farm dogs, too.


  1. More brains than they are often credited with. Nice post.

  2. Thanks for making me laugh this morning. This is so cute. I'd probably let it in the house, but I'm crazy like that.

  3. Much as GB might disagree I think this is really cute!

  4. Lambs may be cute but sheep sure as eggs are not. Despite having a friend who thinks that they are! I'd have shouted 'mint sauce' at it!

  5. Whahahaaa I looove it! We had baby goats that thought they were dogs too..came in the cabin now and again to romp on the couch!! Wonderful post hon! Sarah


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