Sunday, October 18, 2009

Summer Sunday Markets

There's nothing like doing something a bit different to keep life interesting. A friend decided to have a stall at the first of the Summer Sunday Markets to be held at Ruakaka. Nothing spectacular, just to flog off knick-knacks, odds and ends that have been in storage for ages. Another friend and I volunteered to help.

My friend's little stall

The weather in October can be a bit changeable and today was true to form. It wasn't too bad to start with, a tad cold and windy but it just got worse. A few light showers of rain, stronger winds. There weren't all that many people wandering around and very few appeared to be buying. When we'd been there about four hours a nasty squall passed over, no, passed through. (I'm not very good at describing the weather, am I? It's not something I tend to focus on.) My mate's umbrella suffered a broken stay, although we managed to get anything that could be damaged by water under the table and out of the rain.

That little event sorted out the true market people from the oncers. People like us who had a little stall set up under an umbrella decided this wasn't such a great idea and wasn't all that much fun anyway, so they packed up and headed for home. The regular market people, in their more sturdy structures obeyed the rules and stayed. (Yes, there were rules that said stall holders must not leave until at least 2 pm.)

Hopefully, the Summer Sunday Markets will grow and become a success. By this time next month there will be a lot more weekenders and holiday makers around and maybe people will be buying for Christmas.

Anyway, I was happy. At the stall right next to us was a lady selling well established plants and I found a couple of young trees that I have just the right spot for in my garden. At another stall I scored a wire basket and now I will smile every time I see it because to me one of life's cheerful sights is a wire egg basket.

As GB commented on my previous post, "To be happy with the simple things can take many years of devoted practice." And I'm now reaping the rewards of my years of devotion.


  1. I bet some of the 'typical' things on an NZ stall would prove very interesting to someone from the UK and vice versa.

  2. Wonderful. I absolutely love markets. However I couldn't use that many eggs in a couple of months!

  3. I wouldn't have lasted in the cold and windy weather either. I love your little wire basket. Nice score!

  4. Like JarieLyn, I wouldn't have lasted in the cold windy weather. I'm always amazed at the variety of goods that I find when I attend a market type event. That wire basket would look good with some red delicious apples in it. lol

  5. You broke the rules???

    Somehow, I'm not surprised....

  6. Hello Pauline,

    Interested to know if the "Fly" got sold?

  7. I love markets, also. Did some market trading at a couple of points as well. Hard work, but the great cameraderie among traders + the occasional success more than compensated. Hope this one thrives!


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