Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blue September

We'd been playing cards for about 20 minutes before Georgia looked me in the eye (to see if I was bluffing) and remarked, "Your hair is blue. Why is your hair blue?"

I explained that this was Blue September and today was the day the people I worked with had chosen to raise money for prostate cancer. How today we had "gone blue"!

I have two sons and seven brothers - how blessed am I? There are so many ways I could lose any of them but there is no reason why prostate cancer should be the cause of that loss. I pray each and every one of them is aware of the dangers and is having the necessary checks.

I painted Goergia's face in blue paint and she painted mine. I took her photo and she took mine.

As well as having two sons and seven brothers, I have Georgia. I say again - how lucky am I?


  1. How long did it take her to notice your hair was blue. Good cause & fun. You truly are blessed!

  2. How wonderful this is! *smiling*

    I have four brothers - and I lost one, so sometimes I say I "had" four brothers, but do not I always have four? I do . . .

    This post made me smile

  3. Georgia is beautiful!

    I have two brothers and I lost one in a car crash 19 years ago. I think about him every single day and I miss him every single day too. I always say I have two brothers because in my heart I still do.

    I have two wonderful sons and having breast cancer makes me worry about prostate cancer. Hopefully in time we will find a cure x

  4. You are very blessed for sure. Georgia is such a beautiful child and this post is very cute. Also, what a wonderful way to educate even the young one about early detection of cancer in all forms.

  5. Pretty darn lucky! She's beautiful!

  6. Seven brothers! I can't imagine being one of eight siblings. I can imagine prostate cancer though. I had mine removed because of cancer in 1998 and was told if I hadn't had the operation then I would probably only have had about 5 weeks to live. I had no symptoms whatsoever. Suggest most strongly to your brothers that being tested is better than being dead! Stark reality.

  7. And, by the way, how lucky are you having a Georgia? Very!

    WV = gratio!

  8. It's cheating when you retreat into the background before having your photo taken! Great post and as the father of two sons - one of whom is no longer living - I liked Kathryn's comment.

  9. Rebecca, we'd been playing cards for 20 minutes before she even noticed my hair was blue! I also have four sisters, one of whom is no longer here. Being the oldest of this tribe, I never expected to know the grief of losing one of them, always presumed that life would be orderly, the oldest would die first. But life is anything but orderly, even in nature.


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