Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wearable Arts

Thursday night was Wearable Arts night at the local school. Our school is what is known as an Area School. There aren't many of them around but I think they are a wonderful concept. They are a "one stop education shop". Children start there at age five and continue until they graduate from secondary school and go off to university or whatever they have chosen to do next. Grand total of students from the youngest to the oldest is 600.

My granddaughters go to and from school in a little mini-bus. Georgia and her friend Archer are the youngest on the bus and they are mothered by the older girls.

The Wearable Arts competition was split into three sections with all three girls being in the Junior Section, where there were 19 entrants.

The most notable feature of our area is the Tangihua Forest that we look at from our farm. The theme for this year's Wearable Arts competition was The Enchanted Forest.

Mystical Creature, Shayde, Highly Commended

And guess what!! The ten year old twins came away with two Highly Commendeds and Georgia was placed third. My photos are shockers, I can never take a photo inside and inside at night is totally beyond me.

Georgia was the youngest entrant and was overcome by shyness when it was her turn to walk out on stage and her special friend/carer on the school bus, an entrant in the senior section, took her hand and lead her out.

Krystal (in the middle), The Leaf Princess, Highly Commended, beside Georgia and her helper.

I love how the older students always help and support the younger kids. They are so fortunate to attend a school where they can feel so safe and secure. When it came time for all the entrants to parade on stage for the judging, Georgia was confident enough to do it unattended.

Georgia, The Feather Fairy, Third Place

The girls really put the time in working on their costumes, even little Georgia glued on all her own feathers. I blogged about our Sunday a couple of weeks ago where we turned my home into a creative (and very messy) studio to help them make their visions reality.

It was a wonderful night for the girls and I think they have learned a valuable lesson along the way.


  1. This looks like the most delightful magical event! What fun. Lucky children.
    Liked your doors/windows post, too, particularly the sauna.

  2. What a wonderful occasion! The costumes are amazing especially as they are all home made! Our kids attend a village school of around 300 they start at age 3 1/2 until they turn 11 then they go to secondary school. I like the way the older children look after the little ones.

  3. Wendy and Martin's children in Napier attend (or have attended)Pukatapu School which is a brilliant (junior) school too. I don't look at it through rose coloured specs and am not blind to its problems but I never cease to be amazed by the activities and support and sheer quality of the education and upbringing at the school. The children love going to school and it is part of the community. Even I shall feel a sense of loss when the last of the children leaves for secondary school.

  4. GB, I think children feel that sense of loss, too when they leave one school behind and step up to another. I think those "transitions" are major events in a child's life. Leaving the security of a small primary school to join a huge secondary school must be so scary to a child. That's one of the reasons why I love our Area School. There are no transitions, the progression through the classes is seamless. I've discussed with the principal whether the next step to the big wide world might not be a huge step to kids who have never "transitioned" but he thinks they are so secure by then that it is easier for our kids than for most. See, I am blessed on many fronts!

  5. Oh, how fun. The costumes are very good. I bet you are extremely proud. : )


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