Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A job with perks

Thanks to having a job with "perks" (for the first time ever), I think I'm too relaxed to do a post. I've never had a job before where there were benefits. The benefits in this instance require a certain amount of trust, but I've always been a bit naive and gullible so no probs there.

Among the things taught at the technical institute where I work is massage. Final term massage students recently put out a call for what I call "Victims" (people to be case studies). The background of everyone who volunteered was put to the students and they were allowed to choose their case studies. Lucky for me, a lovely young lady named Kim chose me as her victim. So I get 10 free massages for agreeing to present my body to her for 10 treatments.

This afternoon I had my second massage from Kim. After last night's exercise class I had a nice groin strain to tell her about - and my right forearm continues to bother me. Well, it did earlier today. Right now, I feel no pain, I just feel totally indulged.

I'm thinking about letting the hairdressing students do their thing with my hair next week. You'd think I'd be more concerned about the damage a massage student could do, but, no, the thought of how bad could it be with a dud hairdressing student is a lot more disconcerting. But my darling oldest daughter was once a hairdressing student and if others hadn't trusted her she would never have been the successful hairdresser she became so we'll see what happens.....

Will keep you posted!


  1. Wow 10 free massages sounds marvelous ...I would also be much more worried about an L plate hair cut/do!! haha.... Isn't vanity a funny thing?!

  2. So did the massage feel good? I've never had a professional massage before. Well, at least if the hairdresser messes up your hair, it will always grow back, and until it does you can hide flaws with a wig and/or a hat. But who knows, you might get an amazing new doo and look years younger.

  3. What fun! And what a great opportunity for the students.

  4. Well, Pauline, after a day in the garden I'd happily accept a massage. I don't think anyone would choose me as a victim for hairdressing practice. I suspect that a basic requirement is a decent head of hair!


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