Thursday, September 10, 2009

SShhh, type quietly please

I will finish this post if I can type quietly enough. My ears cannot take any more abuse! I swear my head will shatter if I hear another loud noise!

Georgia and Shayde came here off the school bus this afternoon. Shayde was keen to show me her new trumpet. You'd think I'd know where "not to go" by now. Why not just admire it and let her put it back in its case? I think she would have been happy with that.

But no, muggins, has to ask what can she play on her fine trumpet and look awfully impressed when she replies, "Three Blind Mice."

Believe me, it should be 1000 Deaf Mice.

How do you say, once you've encouraged a child to show you her skill, "That's enough now. Put it away. Don't play any more. I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!!

I even offered the ultimate distraction - let's bake a chocolate cake.

Didn't work! Chocolate icing on the lips just lead to even more torturous sounds!

I do feel sorry for her. She has about as many musical bones in her body as I do. How do I teach her it doesn't matter if you can't make music, you can still love listening to music?


  1. I thought the heading was going to lead to a hangover story! Perhaps you wish it had been that simple.

  2. Wonderful. I'm still laughing. I never ask about computer games. I hate it when the kids look at me with that "What do you mean you still can't get it?" look.

  3. Too funny, I too thought you had a hangover at first. Well I guess in a way you had a trumpet hangover.


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