Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Second day of Spring

My daughter's little bird house in her plum tree

The second day of spring and I'm not feeling too sprightly after overdoing it on the first. The warmer weather resulted in a bigger than usual turnout of oldies for our usual seniors exercise class last night. It was still broad daylight when we arrived and it was lovely to see a group of teenage boys laughing and shooting hoops outside the gymnasium we use.

Everyone was in high spirits, quite envigorated. I hope none of the others got as carried away with it all as I did. We didn't have one single "fall" so that was good, all too often lately one of our number takes a tumble. But I am feeling some pain in unmentionable places today so obviously I overdid it. I blame Grant who takes our class, he announced I could run first and last in one of our ball games when our team was one member short. That's what you get when you are noisy in your enjoyment, I guess - you attract attention!

Thanks to the kind people who were concerned about the calf in my post on Monday. The calf is fine. He was a big fellow, quite a bit bigger than average and that probably played a part in the cow's subsequent condition.

Bumble bees abound


  1. Oh. I am so so glad to hear that. I had re-read it a few times and had come to the conclusion that the calf had not survived.


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